weekend update: in eight iPhone sized pictures

as we speak my sister Galina is flying back to CA. I'm thankful for a full, long weekend that started Thursday night, and the combo of family + ( new & old) friends I could share it with! 

it was an iPhone pictures only weekend. and sometimes that is so nice! I didn't/couldn't take my camera around, and it worked out just fine. here's a few shots of what we did this weekend:
 photo BFE89B40-5562-492C-B5F3-BF44CE1D2474_zpsdtzn8eav.jpg photo 64F716BE-628A-4BB1-8CCF-8AC0BC5A7D42_zpsllzskwzr.jpg
left: Friday I met Galina & new friends Anne, Farai, and Tony for lunch at Edley's East AND I found a new Filling Station on the East side! one of my favorite places.

right: my girl Olive cut Galina's hair too! she has now cut all three Pappu sister's hair which is some kind of record or something. thanks Olive! 
 photo C909111C-CF00-4BF6-84CA-655F53E98C04_zpsx1bbxpla.jpg photo D3F64EA0-A939-4840-B675-8B320882406C_zpsx5dcoxgx.jpg
L & R: Saturday was the race! it was a beautiful morning that turned out pretty warm, Galina said the course was tough but fun. I was tired from cheering for thousands of people...so I can't imagine. I actually almost cried because people were being so nice. also Hunter ran the last 10 with Galina so shout-out to him for that. 
 photo D5613BC4-67A6-482A-B51C-77F078982255_zpsv4pzi1rg.jpg photo C904A7F4-C71C-41FD-B257-20C3C49FE57E_zpstokfbhij.jpg
L: I'm just so happy with my friends. it actually worked out for us to have a huge, fun group for a good ol' Saturday night on Broadway. guys, my friend Trace (pictured) moved back in town!

R: my sweeeeeet Roomie (and ex-housie Em, not pictured) came to join us. love 'em. it was a great, warm night on Broadway.
 photo ADFC5AEF-8845-4078-916B-DBF90B24A7CB_zpskibmry4x.jpg photo BECC09C1-9198-472C-ADE9-A0F7C196721D_zpstqiwfpgt.jpg
L: Huntee & Clyde at Sunday brunch. Hunter spent the whole weekend with me AND my sister and didn't go crazy. claps for you, boo. I was quite pleased with him. though- him & my sister (who adores him like, possibly more than me) had a long conversation about how they hate people ranting & raving about their sig others online, so maybe I should say I DON'T like him. 

R: Sunday was super chill after Saturday was the longest, craziest day ever and it was SO nice. we all fell asleep to The Breakfast Club and then went to dinner at Blue Moon Grille, an awesome Marina-front restaurant literally three minutes from my house. here I am with my date. 

toting my family all around town makes me feel pretttty good.

it's only MONDAY and a lot is happening this week! Nashville is having severe (Tornado-like) weather warnings, so we all got to leave work early. I'm rained in for the rest of the night, but happily so, now I can do all my laundry and start my book for my work book club (We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves- anyone read it?)

this afternoon I found out the most amazing news: Beyonce & Jay-Z are OFFICIALLY touring together this summer! the show closest to us is in Atlanta on July 15th, there's a Chase pre-sale at 10am tomorrow, I'm rallying my troops (Huntee, Em, & Shel) and already beyond excited. 

I also got two new dresses from Asos today! I think I mentioned I won a giveaway. one is a total winner so I am very excited indeed.

alright, I'm gonna get my stuff done and most likely be in bed by nine so don't tweet/comment after that ok? this gurl is sleepy. catch up with you soon! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You always seem to have the BEST weekends! I seriously need to move to Nashville so we can hang.

If Hunter hung out with you and your sister for the whole weekend then he is definitely a keeper! He seems so sweet :)

Priya said...

well at the very least you MUST visit! it's a lot of fun. then you can meet Huntee too :) sometimes I get him to come to CA with me, so either way! thanks Lauren!

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