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| necklace: gift | dress: ASOS (giveaway) | belt: secondhand J.Crew | blazer: F21 | shooties: Payless |

hi everyone! just stopping by with a quick outfit and a quick post. it's been a crazy morning, and I forgot my journal at home, which for me means: I'm feeling a little crazy!

you might remember forever ago that I won a giveaway to ASOS from of corgis & cocktails (thanks, Katherine!) I ordered one dress that was perfect, and one that didn't fit. well, after literally MONTHS of haggling with ASOS, trying to get refunded for the dress I exchanged, and then getting a new voucher code, I got to use the rest of my winnings towards two new dresses (yes, worth the hassle.) here's one of them!

the first dress I chose was a simple knit, but the fit and feel of it made it a total winner. so, though ASOS has loads of pretty party dresses, I chose two more simple knit dresses that I can wear & wear again. I love the lilac color of this one, and yes, it's super comfy. and perfect for concealing a food baby! which is essential criteria for my dresses.

I polished it for work with a blazer and statement necklace, and my new SHOOTIES! that's the official Payless title for them. here's the story with these:

I was one step away from completing my Beyonce costume, I just needed some awesome black shoes. problem being, all the shoes that Beyonce wears are fabulous, though not necessarily practical. I wanted to buy shoes that worked for the costume, but also afterwards in real life. I played around with one pair in a panic, but when I saw these in gray on Sara (for $20, from Payless) I knew those were the ones! for the first time in my life I even paid for rush-shipping!

well, worth it. they came in time, were the missing link for my costume, and were super comfy for hiking through Atlanta. and dancing to Bey. and wearing for the rest of the week.

oh, I should mention (at the risk of renaming my blog to perfectly Beyonce) that these are leftover curls from the show as well. I used them as long as possible until a co-worker (guy) commented "you've really been milking the curls for as long as possible, huh? the schedule on which girls wash their hair just baffles me." I was HORRIFIED and washed them out that evening.

quick post, right. have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Ok how weird is your coworker?? Who is he to know what "milking the curls" even means?? Don't listen to him! I did the same thing the one time my hair was curled (I'm too afraid to try again since it broke so many of my little hairs in front that now I have a few dozen that stick right up, so embarrassing!) Your hair looks awesome, why not wear them for as long as you can??

I have been eyeing those shooties since I saw them on Sara too! I haven't had good luck with shoes from Payless so I've been afraid to spend anymore money there. Let me know how those continue to feel. You know me and my painful shoes curse!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Love this dress! It's the prettiest shade of purple-pink!! It looks really soft too! Yay I'm so glad you like those shoes! I wear mine all the time! Thanks for linking to my blog!

Alissa said...

That dress!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god. STUNNINNNNNIIINNNGG! That color looks so amazing against your skin. I am soo in love with this look on you!

Larissa said...

Priya, beautiful Priya! I havent been here in so long! Just scrolled through your last posts and looked at all your wonderful pictures, from birthdays, concerts and a great "what to wear for a wedding" post. I missed so much!
You look great in this dress and I agree that often its better to wear something simple that you can combine with all different pieces and wear with all different styls than to buy fancy party dresses that you only wear once a year. Clothes are for wearing not for being forgotten in the closet ;)
Lots of love to you!

Ashley said...

haha I can't believe he said that! I never wash my hair - I hope no one has noticed! And I LOVE this outfit. The dress is awesome. Do you have any thoughts about ASOS sizing? I've thought about ordering from them but I wasn't sure if their sizes were normal or run small or anything. And the shooties are awesome!!!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Love everything about this! That lavender color is just gorgeous on you!

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