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to be quite honest, when I'm invited to a wedding (which seems to be happening more and more these days!) after being excited about the bride & groom, colors, and location, my next thought its, "ooh, what can I wear?" 

weddings are fun. dressing for a wedding is fun. this is one of the most important events for dressing "appropriately", for the season, but really for the setting, dress code, and mood of the day. 

when I was contacted by Paul Fredrick about sharing some of my wedding wear tips, I realized it was something I could write about quite easily. let's go back in perfectly Priya time to re-visit some of my favorite outfits that I've worn to weddings!
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1. Julie & Lee in Young Harris, Georgia (original post: here.)
Julie and Lee are two great friends from college. Their wedding was held at a swanky outdoor resort/golf course over Memorial Day weekend. I wanted something Summer-y, but still more dressed-up than a sundress. I went with this semi-formal chiffon dress I bought at a boutique in Nashville months before, on a whim. It worked perfectly for the occasion, and surrounded by some of my best friends, in a pretty dress, I had a blast! Oh, also in the picture is my roomie Amanda who got engaged the next day, so her wedding will be next!
 photo IMG_0603_zps85493354.jpg
2. Paula & David in Brentwood, Tennessee (original post: here.)
Paula is a dear friend and was a co-worker during an internship. We saw the Katy Perry movie together in theaters, that pretty much sealed the deal for our friendship. Her and David's wedding was in a big beautiful church, with the reception at the awesome clubhouse of a neighborhood/golf course. Once again a bit swanky, with an older crowd, and it was in November. I hesitated at first with this dress because it does have a good amount of white. In the end, it worked out great for a fall wedding, with a caridgan and some orange accessories. 
 photo IMG_2365_zpsa5cf3f35.jpg
3. Stephanie & Naveen in Sunnyvale, California (original post: here.)
This wedding occurred one June when I was home in California. Stephanie is someone I have known since I was little, and her parents are family friends. My dad invited me to go with him, and we had a great time together! This was my very first time wearing a sari, and I have to say, I jumped at the opportunity and fit right in! Sure, there would have been nothing wrong with a party dress, but the sari fit the cultural aspect of the wedding best. I'm happy this wedding could be a milestone in any young Indian girl's life (slightly joking, but: your first Sari IS a big deal.)
 photo IMG_9351_zps1b7ffee3.jpg
4. Fran & Tony in Mexico Beach, Florida (original post: here.)
I attended this wedding as a plus one of my girl Shel, who was a bridesmaid in Fran's wedding. Of course, it helped that I've known Fran for a few years now, and got to go to the Bachelorette party! What do you wear for a beach wedding? Fran wore like, a ball gown, but for me, an easy sundress and wedges fit the bill. This dress was actually borrowed from Shelby, and I ruined it, spraying bleach on myself (and the dress) to fend off mosquitoes. True story. Sometimes I don't think.

I've got a few other wedding outfits that weren't formally blogged: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4      

be sure and check out Paul Fredrick, especially for a snazzy wedding look for your man! additionally, check out this post on their blog for more Summer wedding inspiration. 

so what's your take on wedding wear? what has worked best (or worst!) for you while enjoying some nups? I would love to hear your input in the comments below! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

What a fun post!! I see that you've been to quite a few weddings! The company asked if I woukd write the same post but I've only been to three weddings in my life and one of them I was like 15. I don't really know what to wear to a wedding and struggled a lot with my cousin's wedding last October. I'll have to remember this post when it comes time to get ready for another wedding!

Anonymous said...

Love this post Priya! The only weddings I have been too are big family do's with my Mum and Dad and nearly all have required me to wear a sari - I actually normally go for a jazzy salwar kameez i.e. adorned with sequins and in party colours. So much fun! You look so lovely in all these photos and it's so lovely to see you rocking such a variety of looks! Go you! XXX

Ashley said...

You look gorgeous in that sari! I love all of your wedding outfits. I'm with you on thinking about what to wear first thing when you find out about a wedding. I went to a December wedding last year and it was REALLY hard to dress for. I feel like spring/summer weddings are so much easier!

Priya said...

sometimes it's tricky to get dressed for a wedding, I know! when I wrote this post though, I realized I had been to weddings with a dress code/feel across the board! keep it in mind :)

Priya said...

yay, you're Indian?! I like you so much more now!! ha. salwar kameez are usually my jam, that's why this sari was such a big deal!! thanks, Laila!

Priya said...

agreed! for warm weather weddings, you can literally slap on any sundress and hope for the best. Winter weddings are much trickier. Thanks Ashley!!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Oh my goodness, so blown away by the gorgeous sari… totally jealous that I will never have an occasion to wear one!

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Priya said...

thank you Jess! I've actually had several, just never had the gumption to pull it off (aka the experienced Indian to put it on me :)

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