Eastside Hotel

That's it. I'm renaming this blog "perfectly Procrastinated."

And in the spirit of that rename: back in January (which is EIGHT months ago. Wut.) I moved into a new house that my roommate, Shelby, bought.

Before that, for eight long months of my life, we lived in a little weird house on the East side of Nashville. I lovingly dubbed it "Eastside Hotel", because it is on Eastside Avenue (and in East Nashville) and there were three bedrooms for the two of us. We figured the third room would end up being a room for a third roommate, a storage room, and a room to board any guests that came through (ended up being all three!)

Though we only spent eight months there, it certainly feels longer. They were eight full months, for sure. It feels like a special graduating, finding a job, and becoming an adult, part of me grew there. So while this post may seem super random, I just don't want to forget the Eastside Hotel and the chapter that unfolded there. I took these pictures in a frenzy one December day when I realized we were moving like, the next day. They've been sitting on my computer ever since!

The house, though weird and old like I mentioned, had its' charms. Also some mice. We were smitten with it when we first decided to rent it; the low ceilings, fireplaces in every room, arches, built-ins, and rock-tiled cave like entrance to the master bath. Which I don't have a picture of because it was Shelby's room, but just trust me!
 photo IMG_3652_zpseb74ca86.jpg
Such a great porch. We spent endless hours out here, late into the night (before we both worked 8-5!) notably, July 4th when it was rainy and 65 degrees. 
 photo IMG_3674_zps075b2c1f.jpg
This is in my room. Huntee helped me hang the lights. 
 photo IMG_3680_zpseab463b9.jpg
What I miss most of all is the fabulous built-in that was in my bedroom. I had double closets which met in the middle with a shelf, cabinet, and what established itself as a built in vanity area. SO cool. 
 photo IMG_3681_zps7d99b411.jpg
These pictures are all from my "vanity." 
 photo IMG_3679_zpsc7862442.jpg
Double closets, ready? I didn't even have a dresser because I had plenty of hanging space!

This side isn't doesn't look quite as nice as the other Here I have my blouses, pants, sweaters, lots of purses, and some casual shoes. I feel a little strange posting pictures of my old closet, but it's essentially a "closet tour" and I love when people share those on their blogs! 
 photo IMG_3686_zps69022a6e.jpg
Closet number two. Dresses, skirts, coats, more sweatshirts & cold weather accessories, heels and nicer shoes. Both closets had these funny accordion doors. My closet now is lacking, but is anyone interested in a closet tour? Would you read it?
 photo IMG_3685_zps94615329.jpg
I got a big old desk that I painted and it was pretty much a distaster. But here's what was sitting on it.
 photo IMG_3693_zps6216e934.jpg
Entrance into our laundry room/my little half-bathroom. 
 photo IMG_3694_zps78a35c98.jpg
Pictures hanging in my little bathroom. The boat was painted by my mom in grade school, and the plant pictures are all from her old Finnish textbooks. 
 photo IMG_3697_zps69ae350c.jpg
More bathroom. 
 photo IMG_3699_zpsf979e151.jpg
Shout-out to Hannah from The Braided Bandit who sent me these cute flags I hung over my door! They went perfectly with my yellow bathroom.
 photo IMG_3695_zps88fa68e6.jpg
The inside of my really old-school medicine cabinet.
 photo IMG_3704_zps820b30e2.jpg
Our cute back-door from our kitchen, onto our deck. I don't know if you can tell how dead and cold everything was by looking out the back window! 
 photo IMG_3711_zps3204afab.jpg
RIP, Eastside Hotel. You were good to us. We'll never forget your charms, monstrous heating/cooling bills, slanted floors, killer porch, and how you guided us into adulthood. 

I just didn't want to forget this home. I love seeing where other people live, and even looking back on pictures of old places I've lived. Planning to share some details of my *new* (it's not new at all, at this point) house sometime, eventually...

To be honest, I'm not really here today. My sisters flew in late last night, and my brother Sundar will be joining us for the weekend later tonight! So we're going #teamnosleep all weekend long. Adventures and stories to follow, count on it. Enjoy your weekend!!


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

All of your decorations are so cute and colorful!! I love fairy lights too! I love that you called it the Eastside Hotel!

Unknown said...

aww, man, this house looks cool and sounds awesome - fireplaces in every room? wow. I like this post and the little house tour! :)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

It's really interesting seeing pictures of your old house! I am so jealous of your double closet. I could really do with one of those to fit all of my clothes. I love quirky houses and your sounds really cool :) xx


Haley Brianna said...

Hi girl! Just found your blog and love your posts!! :) I couldn't help but scroll through them. I followed you on GFC and blog lovin'! Would love if you stopped by and did the same!! If you are up for swapping buttons we should!


Gigi @ Dolce and Gabriella said...

Aww! Your house looks so sweet. I'm glad you posted the pictures--living spaces are really important and deserve to be remembered. Would love to see pictures of your new digs too :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

This post was so fun! You guys had such a cute little place. I think this means it's time to take a tour of your new place, and yes your closet too please!!

Larissa said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures! I always love to get a little insight into other peoples houses :) So what is your new house like? Any post from that one planned too ;)?
Have a wonderful weekend!

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