Graphic Tee Week #5: The Foreign Gift

And now for the finale of Graphic Tee Week! We've made it to Day #5. 
If you're checking out Graphic Tee Week for the first time, you can see Day #1-4 here: The Rand-Me-Down, The HS Fave, The Forev Fave, The Band Tee
 photo IMG_6680_zps0e5db960.jpg
| sweater: from Shelby | tee: from Finland | dress: secondhand UO | socks: Madewell (gift from Katie) | booties: Target |

The last category of tees that I own that came to mind were: foreign gifts. Specifically, t-shirts from India that my Uncle has sent me. Though, to be fair, this one used to belong to Amir, and we bought it at the dock market in Helsinki. For theme week's sake though, let's imagine that this tee is a foreign gift. Someone sent it to you, it reminds you of where you came from (my Mom is from Finland, for the record), and it's a great conversation starter. But how do you wear it? 
 photo IMG_6681_zps64cd829b.jpg
Tying any tee over a dress is THE easiest way to wear it, especially if the tee may be a little quirky, but you don't want to disgrace your ancestors. I've also found that many of my old graphic tees are too small to be comfortable anymore, but I still love the print. Well, you could literally repeat this outfit formula every time you had nothing to wear, and never run out.

One other outfit note: Katie sent me these socks in a birthday package, and they are PERFECT for peeking out of booties, or making my clogs Fall-ready. Love 'em.
 photo IMG_6685_zps24327ea6.jpg
Link up your graphic tee outfits below, be sure to check out Andi's finale, and wish her a happy 30th birthday today!

THANK YOU to everyone who made Graphic Tee week a success, by linking up, commenting, and reading along! Remember, you can link up your graphic tee looks throughout this weekend, if you're feeling a bit behind the game.

I sincerely hope this theme week gave you some ideas on how to wear old/random tees you may have in your closet! I'll plan on doing a re-cap post next week, discussing what Graphic Tee Week taught me (eye roll. Those melodramatic blogger statements always make me laugh.)

Well, I feel totally blogged out this week. Wishing you all a very nice weekend. Thanks for reading!



Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I would never had thought to over lay a t-shirt over a dress before. So going to have to give it a try. Have a great weekend.

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love how you wore this! A tee over a dress with a sweater over that! So cute!! I need to wear graphic tees more again! They're usually a summer staple for me!

Unknown said...

Such a fun look! Great idea.

Larissa said...

Its so much fun to look at all the graphic tees! And I really wanna link up with next months motto! This month was too difficult for me but whatever the next month will bring, as long as I find something in my closet, I will link up - Promise :)!
About my hubby... I showed him you comment and he just laughed (in a charming way though) and I am afraid that you will never see him on my blog :(
Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful Sunday!

katie marie v said...

I've loved all of the ways you've worn graphic tees this week. I always struggle with how to wear them, so I will have to use these as inspiration!
This outfit might be my favorite so far. If I saw you walking down the street, I'd definitely think "that girl looks so effortlessly cool!" Your hair looks awesome in these photos, too!

Ashley said...

I really really love this! I am not good at styling t-shirts (I just wear them with gym shorts haha) so it has been fun to see everyone's take on them. I love that you are wearing so many meaningful items. And those socks are awesome!

Priya said...

Thanks so much Katie, what a great compliment :) I wasn't totally confident about this outfit, so I really appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Wow You look Fab In this graphic tees You’ve given me lots of inspiration here. Thank you so very much!

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