Current State of the Union: 1.29.15

Here's another alternate title for perfectly Priya: perfectly Series I Start And Sometimes Abandon.

Do you ever feel like you have so many blog posts scheduled in your brain that you're not blogging about what's going on in your life currently? I mean, this is my fault, I wanted to finish 2014 with a flourish, and re-remember the best parts. And I'm perpetually behind, so that brings us to the end of January. That's silly though. Let's blog about what we actually want to, all the time. My only blogging goal is this: don't quit. But since it's strictly for fun (note: for some people, it's actually a job. I place you in a separate category.) it has to be strictly fun!

And that's my semi-annual "blogging about blogging" PSA.
 photo IMG_6410_zpsngw1irnr.jpg
Nothing to do with anything, except I always have donuts on the brain! // The best mural in Chattanooga, October 2014

Things on my mind lately:

1. Weddings! And not mine, though it's been fun to brainstorm. In the past week I've looked at approximately 10 bridesmaid dresses, designated a #weddings2015 notebook, and I'm headed to a wedding meeting tonight (for Amanda, with Julie, Katie, Missy, and Emily). And wedding watch continues. I know the actual matrimony should be the most important thing, but I can't help enjoying spending time/constant correspondence with my favorite girlfriends.

2. Still learning about short hair again. It does feel really good (and weird!) to not have a ponytail, but I like it. And I don't know if I can still make it one week+ without a wash. Maybe that's a good thing? All I know is a curling wand is now my best friend, and my hair is not strangling me every day.

3. And as far as my monthly resolutions for the year go, maybe I'll share what I did accomplish in January. I saw live music on Tuesday night at the Family Wash, my one word motto was "organize", I had Matt, Ethan, Andrea, and Hunter over for dinner, and I wrote the heck out of some letters. Not a bad month, though February is already looking better for my goals.

Happy little Friday, y'all.
Even if you're having a terrible week- it's nearly through. Treat yoself this weekend! Thanks for reading.


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Yum donuts! That mural is making me hungry! I have so many ideas for blog posts and I have to write them down immediately or they'll leave my brain forever! I generally send emails to myself so I don't forget! Speaking or organize, I finally organized a part of my closet that had been bugging me for months and I feel so much better now! :)

Alissa said...


Priya said...

Nice, what part was that? My closet is mostly done, I just have a few "junk drawers" in my room begging for attention.

Priya said...

It's in Chattanooga, TN! I believe it is indirectly advertising a bakery nearby..? Anyway, I was delighted by it!

The Braided Bandit said...

You look seriously stunning in your blogger side pic missy! The series thing made me laugh because uhm, thats totally me too. Makeover Monday? Friday Favorites? I really need to stop picking these titles that hold me to a specific day, which I never feel like writing that post! Like you said, HAS TO BE FUN! :)
happy friday xoxo!

Priya said...

Thank you so much Hannah! Nice to see you around :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

See I'm just the opposite! I love having many blog posts done in advange just so I can breathe and not worry about it! True, then I don't share what's currently going on but really, it's not like I'm doing anything all that exciting anyway. I mean, right now we're currently laying in bed watching American Horror Story. We don't even like this season so it's sort of just on in the background. Super blog worthy I'm tellin ya!

Priya said...

Ha, I see what you mean. I supposed it's best to have a mix of the two! I just feel like I've been "catching up" allllll of Jan! Is American Horror Story worth it? I've heard mixed reviews!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Oh man, it is definitely the age of weddings! And I totally agree about blogging - there isn't one set pace or schedule and that's what makes it so dang fun!

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