Cherry Blossoms? Elementary!

CBE3CBE2 | t-shirt: secondhand from Shel | necklace: ? | skirt: H&M | pumps: J.Crew from Carina | 

lip color: Cynthia Rowley creamy lip stain in Heartthrob

So I'm not buying clothing this year, (hold on: I realize I say this in every. single. blog post! Sorry! That's just the thought behind every single outfit these days because I'm like "What can I wear that will feel new?") But before you think too highly of me, it's been manageable when I'm still getting new stuff. Loveliest example lately: theseeeee shoessssss. 

I think I was standing over Carina's shoulder, cheering her on, as she bought these online when we were in Austin. Who doesn't need a pair of leopard pumps, that's my question. They were on final sale at J.Crew, which, as you probably know, means an awesome price AND makes them not returnable. Turns out this 6.5 was a little smaller than a standard J.Crew 6.5, aaand you probably know where this is going. When I went home at the beginning of March, these bad boys came back to Nashville with me. Providence, friends. It's is a beautiful thing. So are sisters with impeccable taste.

One more quick example of this: Lauren is a dear and sent me a sweater I've been living in and living for. It hasn't resulted in any cute outfits yet, because I've just been wearing it to be cozy, but expect it on the blog soon. Oh, and shout-out to Lauren, who I know will be reading this. You. ROCK.  

Other notes on this outfit: this skirt is gorgeous but usually a fail for me. I always feel like it's just a little too long. But, I wore it anyway because it's nice and it cost like $40 dollars and normally just sits in my closet. And graphic tees forever. That's all! 

My lip color is a Birchbox sample from a few months ago (full review of that box and this product here.) I had actually stashed this in my gym bag and forgotten about it, but when I ran out the door that morning without lip color (!) it worked perfectly. I would like to add to the review that the super creamy texture and lasting pigment is awesome. This might be weird, but the texture is exactly like one of those Whipped yogurts you can buy- anyone know what I mean? And I would like to maintain from that review that the sample was tiny and after three uses, I'm out!

ONE more thing- cherry blossoms. Everywhere! They are beautiful! I feel like I am just seeing them for the first time! Spring can do these things to you. I wore this on Monday to work, then Huntee & I went to Thai food, before visiting Amanda in her newlywed pad. 


Alissa said...

I'm wearing the same skirt toddayyyyy! Twinsies!

Brynn said...

I am coming up on the end of a year long shopping freeze, but the way I've gotten through it is because my mom will occasionally buy things for me...and I've been allowing myself to purchase things with gift cards and rewards. For the past 10 months, I've spent about $300 out of pocket, which is SO awesome for me! I used to spend that in 1-2 months. You can do it, Priya!!!

Andi said...

Aw, I love this outfit! It's just the perfect combo with the graphic tee and the girly skirt, and then leopard shoes. So awesome that you got to inherit them from your sister!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You were right, I am reading this :) So glad you love that sweater! I can't wait to see how it looks on you! That skirt is a hard length to style I'm sure. Nothing like a pair of leopard pumps to make ANYTHING look great! I'm jealous you get so many great hand-me-downs from friends and sisters.

Unknown said...

These heels are amazing! I love the print and the thicker heel. Really makes them look comfy to wear! This blush pleated skirt is absolutely adorable. And I love the edgy/classic vibe going on in this outfit!


Bri Marie said...

I'm glad you talked about your lip color - it is incredible on you! And please wear this skirt more - with heels like this, it's super flattering!!

reshma said...

Wow, not buying clothes for a whole year?! That is impressive! I usually can go a month or so here and there but not much more than that! That's really inspiring... good luck to you!
Btw, I love your sense of style! I would have never thought to pair those shoes this way, but it looks great! You're really beautiful! :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

LOVE! This whole outfit so cute and adorable and I now wish I had leopard print pumps because yes I need a pair asap! I find it so awesome that you're not buying clothes this year!! Go you!! I've been cutting down on my spending for the past few months and it's been great. I've been waiting to buy stuff to see if I really, really want it and if I can't stop thinking about it then I get it. It's helped me only purchase items I really love!

Priya said...

Well, I'm so glad to hear you made it! That makes me think, maybe I can actually do it! Especially with gifts. Whatever I absolutely need and don't have, I'm planning to ask for for my birthday. Thanks Brynn!

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

1. I'm obsessed with Sir Sherlock (my classroom theme this year!)
2. I might be even MORE obsessed with those heels!

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