Four Seasons, One Dress: Spring

It's a BIG day around here, y'all. Today marks the finale of the Four Seasons, One Dress series with Danielle! We've now styled our buddy dress for every season, Summer // Fall // Winter; so, ok, I guess I'll keep it since it's THAT versatile.
This might be my favorite look of Danielle's, actually! Those shoes are killer! This would be a fun outfit for brunch, or any outside activity because yay it's finally warm enough to hang outside again! I just "invested" (on Amazon so I could get free shipping, also, #accessoryrule) in a straw hat like this, and I love how it pairs with the dress. Will be copying asap!
 photo IMG_8264_zpskbz6fi8u.jpg
 photo IMG_8262_zpsphgtrgrc.jpg
| jacket: Gap | dress: Gap Factory | belt: thrifted in Finland | flats: Old Navy | 

I tried to go just as quintessential to every season as I could while styling this dress. If I could turn back time, if I could find a way, I would switch out my clogs for sandals from the "Summer" outfit and wear them here instead! Still, flats (with no tights) feel very Spring-y, as does a jean jacket for the morning chill, as does this green belt that is always on heavy rotation around here.

Here's a whammy of a collage of every way Danielle and I wore this Gap Factory G-E-M this year!
 photo FourSeasonsOneDressFinalD_zpspeeobvae.jpg
View the full posts here: Summer // Fall // Winter

After looking at this collage my main takeaways are: I belted my dress in two outfits (having previously never belted it before, since it has an elasti-waist) after Danielle did it first for Summer; I would really like to raid her closet :); and I never thought I had a "good side" when taking photos, but I always seem to turn the same way, huh? Also I have to say I enjoyed seeing my "hair timeline" here!

I think the look that turned out best for me was the Winter one- the layering makes it more visually interesting, as opposed to the rest which are pretty simple; and the tights make this almost-too-short-for-work dress fit just right. 

Danielle looks super fab, but I have to say- the accessories in the Spring look just do it for me.

A big ol' THANK YOU to Danielle for collaborating with me (and having such great style ;); the series may be over, but you can check out her fabulous, affordable outfits right here! Thanks also to all of you, for following along throughout the seasons. 

So how'd we do? Which look is your favorite, or seems most appropriate for the season?


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

loved seeing how you guys style this dress for all year around.


reshma said...

Man, I need this dress asap! I love all the looks, it would be hard to choose... I think my favorite look was yours for Fall and Danielle's for Spring. I really like both your styles. I need to invest in colorful belts it's such a great idea to add a pop of color and accentuate the waist line. I love those boots too! I've been living in my denim jacket all spring long... it's definitely a must have! Great collaboration! :)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Seriously, you guys ROCKED that dress! I like the classic denim jackets + flats look for spring. I think my favorite is your fall outfit--something about a camel oversized cardi and your new (then) Frye boots are just perfect. I'm sad this series is over! It's been fun to watch you guys style this dress!

Kristian said...

Interesting to see so many ways to wear this dress. I have one like it that I've always felt a bit blah about and this inspired me, so thank you!

lisa said...

Ooh I love a good versatile piece like this that can go from season to season- plus you both put your own spin on it! Stripes rule :)

Brynn said...

You are both so cute! I love how a dress looks with a denim jacket over the top - and the flats are perfect! I have the same ones and actually wore them today with a striped dress :)

Priya said...

Thanks for being our biggest fan, Lauren :D

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