Monthly Goals, April

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From that same neighborhood walk, a few weeks ago. I love anything heart-shaped and couldn't believe these leaves!

No really, crazy as it looks, I am posting twice in one day. Kinda because I've been trying to be more organized about blogging, and I had a "list of posts" to write for the month and this was on it; and kinda because I am keeping track of my resolutions for the year, by month. And April is over?

It felt like a notably long month, and I completely attribute that to my one-word-motto of presence (I wrote more about that here.) Constantly reminding myself to simply "be here now" has made the last few weeks feel full and longer than normal. I'd say this is the best I've done with a one-word-motto so far...

And I've slacked pretty well on my other goals for the month. I DID see a couple family members (Amir for Easter weekend and Galina last weekend), I DID enjoy live music (at Robert's Western World which I'm counting, and I went there three times this month!), I DID host a dinner at my house (technically Hunter made it...), and I DID write a thank you card (for our sweet Easter lunch hosts.) And in full-disclosure: I have not read one single book so far this year. EEP. 

There is definitely room to grow, as I haven't gotten a 100% for any month yet. But I've still got seven tries! I'm looking forward to May, as it ends with the bookend of the start of Summer, and I've already got my one-word-motto in mind. Also- KBYE Nashville April showers!

[EDIT: my wbfflirl Art (who might be reading this sometime, yikes?) kindly pointed out that I saw T-Pain a few weeks ago which totally counts as live music in April, because he knows me better than I know myself. Thanks pal!] 

And now I'm truly off to pack and head to California for some bachelorette festivities for the weekend. Be back Tuesday, talk to ya next month!! 


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Great job on your goals this month girly! Seeing family, hosting a dinner, live music, you did it all! Have a WONDERFULLY fun-filled trip to the Bay! Soak up some Cali sunshine for me!

reshma said...

Awesome! Looks like you've done great on your goals... can't wait to hear about the one word motto for May!

Unknown said...

Hiya babe, u ve done well hun well done have a lovely trip too x
thanks for sharing this with us.

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Have a lovely week!
Stay in touch.

Dominica S.

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