Weekend Update: Ooh, Watch Me!

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What a weekend! Maybe most notably, I broke out my camera to get some real photos! Sundar's winging seemed like a momentous occasion that deserved non-iPhone pictures. In between the crazy thunderstorms and humidity, we managed to find some great lighting, too!

I was the tiniest bit grumbly about driving down to FL for just over a day, but it was so worth it, you guys. So worth it to hug my mom as many times as I could, ^laugh with Tuppy^, and be there as Sundar got his wings. I've been down to Florida to see him now...six times (here are some other Florida memories, if you're interested), but this one may have been the best trip! I loved getting to spend time with Sundar's lovely girlfriend, ^ Jordan, and a bunch of his other buddies I've now met a few times. It was conveniently the best, because he is on his way to San Diego next! I'm excited for him, though I will miss having him driving distance close-by!

I've stayed in pretty close touch with Sundar throughout flight school; so I can honestly say I am very proud of all his hard, constant work! Also he sure looks sharp in that uniform.

I'll spare you the badly lit selfies from the rest of my weekend; driving back, lovely wedding on Saturday night, and Fall Out Boy + Wiz Khalifa on Sunday night, but just know, it was a weekend for the books! And sleeping for 11 hours on Saturday night wasn't bad either :) 


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Congrats to your brother for finishing flight school! He looks very handsome in his uniform! You always take the best family photos! They're so natural and happy!

Andrea Fer said...
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Andrea Fer said...


reshma said...

Congratulations to Sundar... and he's definitely working that uniform! :) I'm so glad you took our your family for this big occasion... I'm always being a little lazy and rely way too much on my iphone pics, but at times like these it's definitely worth it... the pictures look great!

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Aww, I'm glad you had some quality family time! Your brother looks fiiiiiiine in that suit! :)

Priya said...

It's been a WHILE since I've used my real camera...an iPhone is just so much easier, and takes great photos! Glad I did though.

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