Coral + Cargo

| top: F21 via Kelley | pants: Old Navy | shooties: Payless | bangles: gift (Target) |

I'm really glad I shared my updated style strategy on my blog (TL;DR, to "wear out my closet.") 

Getting my thoughts collected and written down in one place, and sharing them with the world has given me new resolve. Resolve to keep working through my closet, and wearing it out, or saying goodbye to those neglected items! Blogging, to me, is more than anything a great way to keep track of your goals. 

Enter these cargo pants. Every time I've worn them on my blog, I say something like, "I could really get rid of these because I don't wear them very often." Of my three attempts at styling them, I think this is my favorite! And I'm ok with hanging onto them to wear them once/season. But on second thought, I think they can be worn year-round. 

This top has been in heavy rotation since I recently received it in a swap (already styled it on the blog once!) I much prefer silky button-ups to cotton ones, they make any outfit feel instantly luxe! The gold buttons on this one make it feel extra special. I think I'm ready to wear it over leggings + with boots next, for an easy Fall outfit! 

I'm headed to California with Hunter this afternoon for Jacqui's wedding (Friday!) Pumped to celebrate Jacqui & Matt, see some family, and this time have a traveling buddy/wedding date! I will likely have a post or two to go up while I'm gone, and you can follow along on Twitter or insta in the meantime, if you like! Thanks for reading! 


Larissa said...

I really love your style Priya! Whatever you wear you look just so perfect, everything matches perfectly, no matter what! I love this kind of mix of casual, leger and elegant - its my favorite style anyway and you are one of the persons who just handles is so perfectly! The blouse is wonderful and I might want one like this too ;)

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You are working those pants! I think as long as you still like the pants enough to wear them, you should keep them because they give you joy! I agree with you about silky tops over cotton shirts--they are too stiff!

reshma said...

Having just recently started blogging, I have to agree with you... I also find that it's a great way to stay accountable to myself and keep track of my goals. Lately, I've been failing... but it's time to get back on track.

I really love your concept of wearing out your closet. I've sort of been doing the same thing for a year or so now and I've come to realize that it's time to say goodbye to the few pieces I just haven't touched during this time.

These cargo pants look great on you and especially with that top on your skin tone. These are definitely worth keeping for sure!

Priya said...

Oh man, not sure I deserve that compliment, but thank you so much!! I would completely recommend a blouse like this, if you don't own one!

Priya said...

Thanks Lauren :)

Priya said...

Well, like I always say (because I am always struggling to complete my goals) they're just goals, because we're working on them! If we were perfect, we wouldn't need any goals!

Once you start trying to "wear out your closet", it becomes pretty clear which items need to go. Thanks for your thoughts, Reshma!

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