Monthly Goals, September

Rock Island State Park over Labor Day weekend *edited with VSCOcam*

The end of Summer and start of Fall have really slowed things down around here, and I am not complaining. Summer was a blast (check out how I did on my Summer Bucket List!) but Autumn is such sweet relief in terms of...well everything really! September was a good month, in which:

I traveled home for Jacqui + Matt's gorgeous wedding;
I spent a weekend enjoying live music outside at Nashville's Live on the Green;
I saw every member of my family except Sundar; Coren, Carina, Amir, & Tarif all visited me in Nashville;
I made a mindful attempt at simplicity, by: putting my phone down, closing my eyes & enjoying where I was, & going outside;
I made dinner for Hunter and his roommates at their new place last night;
I actually read a book- The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks;
I wrote at least two cards to friends, and I have two more in my planner to mail today!

See the full list/explanation of my monthly goals, here.

Wow, this might be the best month of my goals yet! Apart from reading which I've barely done, the one word motto has proved to be the hardest to keep. I can definitely say I made a consistent, mindful effort to be simple this month. I actually liked this motto so much I would totally do it again! I'm gonna give myself an A+, which I haven't all year (see the rest of my goal re-caps right here.)

How was your month? If you're keeping resolutions or making goals, I would love to hear your personal progress report.

I think October is my favorite month. I honestly seem to enjoy it the most every year. It has this whimsical quality about it; and maybe I'm romanticizing it too much, but the coffee tastes better, the music sounds better, the sweaters feel better, and the weather is the best. The changing of seasons (ESP in Nashville!) is truly magnificent. Onward!


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

glad you had a great September


reshma said...

I could definitely learn from your mindful effort to be simple. Writing cards is such a great way to brighten up someone's day! Reading your monthly report encourages me to stick to my goals as well. Happy October! :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Well done on the goals front!! Looks like you accomplished a lot! Nicholas Sparks is coming out with a new book next month called See Me, so you might want to check it out. :)
Sincerely, Sara

Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You rocked September girl!! How was The Choice? How sweet of you to cook for Hunter's roommates! They moved in with him to his new house? I bet that's so exciting to set up!

Priya said...

Ooh, thanks Sara! Will do.

Priya said...

I read it because my best friend told me i HAD to and it would make me cry. I didn't cry (just barely) and I want to say it was good, but I can't help but feel really bad for one character in particular...let me know if you read it so we can discuss :)

it has been exciting, but I know we're both ready for him to be completely settled in. You know how it is. Thanks Lauren!

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