2015: What I Did

Though I've already reflected on my favorite outfits of 2015, and how my monthly resolutions turned out, I wanted to take a minute to round up my most memorable moments of the year. I saw some new cities, took on some new responsibilities at work, hung out in Nashville, and was perpetually a bridesmaid. Take a look (most of these have full posts to link to, if you want to see more!)
was a bridesmaid in Amanda & Dustin's wedding in March (my pics / Caitlin Selle's pics & my speech)
visited New Orlean via Florida with Carina in May (this might be my favorite photo of the year!)
was a bridesmaid in Jenae & Daniel's wedding in June (my pics / haven't shared the wedding photos yet!)
went on a lot of hikes. Visited several new (to me) state parks and otherwise. ^ This is Bowie Nature Park
went home (with Huntee) for Jacqui & Matt's wedding in September (my pics / Eric McFarland's pics)
was a bridesmaid (with Huntee!) in Ethan & Andrea's wedding here in town in October (my pics)
met my family in Finland for Christmas & New Years (more photos & tales to come!)

I always worry that these recaps (and what I have photos for) document best the exciting parts of life, like traveling to different places, and completely skip over my normal life (and the fun things I do right here in town.) But, I guess that's how blogging is a lot of times?

Other notable things from 2015 that I don't have photos for:
- In August, Hunter and I celebrated our 5 YEAR anniversary! 
- In November, I started taking on some new roles at work (and working my butt off, and loving it.)
- In October, I was the co-chair of our volunteer Haunted House with work.
- I can't forget that Galina came to visit me twice- in April for the marathon, and in October!
- I celebrated my 24th birthday right here in town, and spent the day just doing ME. 

And worked on monthly goals all year long

2015- thanks for the good times. 
Thanks for following along with me! And with that, I am OFFICIALLY moving on to 2016 things on perfectly Priya. 

And if you have any kind of year end posts on your blog, I would love to see 'em!  


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

You have had quite an eventful year Priya! So many weddings, travels, family time, and sweet bf time. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings for you!

Andi said...

So many weddings! But that was what my life was like at 24, too. Now it's so many babies!

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

OMG you did so many exciting things and were in so many gorgeous weddings!! I hope your 2016 is equally fun!!

Bri Marie said...

I wish 2015 look-backs could happen all January long! Love this post :)

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