Scandinavian Layers

| coat: Old Navy | sweater: Gap | blouse: secondhand H&M | necklace: gift from Jacqui | belt: Gap | jeans: gifted (7 For All Mankind) | booties: Sam Edelman | 

Welcome to my first outfit post of 2016! This is a great representation of what I wore the entire time I was in Finland over the holidays. I didn't take any other outfit pictures while I was there...but if I had, they would have all looked pretty similar.

I did a pretty good job at packing minimally (side note- anyone interested in a packing post? I don't have one planned for now, but could definitely pull it together if there is interest. Let me know!) and subsequently lived in this jacket, this sweater, and these booties. If you're wondering if I was cold in this (and the entire time I was there) the answer is yes. I was very cold the whole time.

As a Californian/Nashvillian, I have no idea how to dress for cold weather. This is my warmest coat, for sure, and was a real MVP on my trip. I've given it a break since I wore it every single day for almost two weeks, but usually it's the coat I reach for the most during the Winter. 

I've been contemplating a post about what I would consider my top 10 wardrobe essentials, and a neutral cardigan is definitely on top of the list. It is the perfect layering piece, and goes with everything- especially when you're traveling with a limited wardrobe. 

And finally, here's the debut of my Sam Edelman booties! If I'm being totally honest, I prefer booties with more of a heel. But these are undoubtedly excellent quality, color, and go with everything! 

To see alternate outfits with each of these pieces, just click the labels on this post! 

Happy little Friday guys. Have I mentioned lately how much I love January? I'm gearing up for the second weekend in a row with no plans, and I'm not mad about that one bit.  


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

This outfit is such a winner! The layers and colors work well together! My warmest jacket is also a long olive coat! So jealous that you spent two weeks in Finland!!! I would love to see a post about your top 10 wardrobe essentials! :)

Priya said...

Thanks Sara!! I need to get that together.

nicole s. said...

copying this tomorrow (or as soon as it's cool enough to wear my parka again). also i love your packing posts and send them to people, so if you're inclined to make one, i'm sure people will find it useful!

Alissa said...

So jealous of your trip! Also of how cute you look in a parka!
The Adored Life

Priya said...

Yes, can't wait to see you in your parka! That seriously makes me SO happy. Right now I feel like I'm a little backlogged on content, but maybe next month! It was a unique trip for me, so I'd love to chronicle how I packed.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Prefect outfit for the winter time. I would love to see a packing post.


Lauren @ Exploring My Style said...

Such a fun travel outfit! Your cardigan looks EXACTLY like my Express one. I had to check where you got it because I thought for sure we were twinsies! Learning to dress in the cold is such a process. Layers layers layers, especially on bottom. I haven't mastered how to wear booties without showing my ankles so I stick with tall boots (I'm getting pretty tired of the same two pairs!

And yes, I'm interested in your packing post!

Meghan @ Hayes Days said...

I would love to read a packing post.

Priya said...

You're a total pro! This was the first time I really learned about layers on bottom- tights UNDER pants!

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