Jenae & Daniel, 6.28.15

It's LOVE month! So what better time to share the remaining wedding photos I have from last year, right? These are a bit delayed, but nonetheless, important days I was overjoyed to be part of (during my epic run as a bridesmaid last year. Don'tbelievemejustwatch.)  

Today I'm sharing from Jenae & Daniel's sunny Santa Cruz wedding last June (stay tuned next week for Andrea & Ethan!)

*I assume this is a duh, but I didn't take/don't own any of these photos! They were done by the lovely Leah McEachern, and if that name sounds familiar, she's the sister of my friend Michael (+ Amanda :) we all went to high school together! Just some small world Priya stuff.*
how beautiful is this chapel in the Redwoods where the ceremony was?!
Daniel crying through their vows which, was hard to top as a wedding moment
this bridal party was a total blast, including Jenae's three sibs whom I adore (and Steph!)
unnamed (1)
we've been doing exactly this since high school! she might be the reason I love the aggressive hug!
I should note again that this was THE most comfortable bridesmaid ensemble of all time.
gosh I just really love this couple! 
evidence of me being crazy, this photo is creepy and embarrassing, but a gem to be shared, just for you!
some of you are wondering, what are Jenae's actual credentials for being my best friend? This right here ^ 

p.s. check out my recap of that weekend (with actual memories because it had just happened!) right here

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Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Wow!!! This wedding is beautiful!! I love the hints of bright yellow! Gorgeous!

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