Remix: Sweater Vest!

It's re-re-re-remix time, after a long while! Remixes are, to me, one of the best, and definitely most helpful, parts of blogging.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not in a phase of life where I can wear something once and throw it away (work/beauty friend Emma likes to give me a hard time about this.) Therefore- everyday I'm remixing! There's nothing better than reaching for a piece over and over again, and realizing it was a great investment. Especially when that "inVESTment" was a $5 sweater vest you found in the clearance bin of your favorite neighborhood vintage store.
Here are five ways I’ve worn my beloved sweater vest (click through for the full posts! Look here for a complete index of documented vest wearing.)
1. Over a tank dress + booties for Spring: I know I say this every single time I wear it- but when I bought this vest, the shopgirl commented how it would be perfect over a tank dress in between seasons- genius! I’ve always kept that in mind. I love how the proportions of this outfit turned out. I rarely wear this dress apart from being a swimsuit cover up, so that was a win too!
2. Layered over a button-up & belted for Fall: Pretty sure this was a travel outfit, where I could have just as easily worn a long shirt with leggings and called it a day. The layering in this outfit is what elevates it, and kept me cozy in Fall temps. The belt added a little something extra, and kept me from sacrificing my shape! 
3. Over a printed blouse + a skirt: The perfect combination of polished (structured skirt) and fun (cat printed blouse + floral loafers.) I like how the sweater vest really anchors this classic girly combination into something a little more androgynous (a style I love, but never seem to be good at!) 
4. Over a sundress + booties for the end of Summer: Just because you may have inherited the vest from your dad (totally been there), doesn't mean you have to wear it like him! This look was a neutral party with a step up from a normal Summer outfit. I can't stop wearing this vest over dresses and, as they say, why fix what's not broken? 
| flannel: Target | vest: Local Honey | jeans: (old) F21 | booties: Sam Edelman |

5. Layered over a flannel + booties for Winter: This seems so quintessentially cold weather to me! Yes, you can wear a sweater vest with jeans. This outfit felt so cozy, and perfect for that time of year. Cognac brown booties pair SO well with this vest, note to self. 

Are you team sweater vest? What's your best styling tip? Any of these looks that you think could have been done differently/better? Let me know! 


Amy's Fashion Blog said...

There is nothing wrong with remixing. I do it all the time. Love how you styled this vest.


reshma said...

Remix posts are always my favorite. It's definitely a great way to appreciate your "inVestments"... haha. I'm s a sucker for corny jokes!
I think my favorite look is the vest over the black and white dresses... totally changes up the look!

Alysia Avé said...

Awesome! This is fantastic, Priya. I have a sweater vest that gets no love at all because I never know how to style it! You are an inspiration! I'm going to try out the vest + tank dress tomorrow for work!

Alysia Ave

Brynn said...

I totally dig this vest...and I've been looking for one just like this forEVER!

Larissa said...

I love how your paired this sweater vest with so many different really pretty looks!

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