Weekend Update: Wildcat Weekend

Just a few more photos from Amir's graduation from Davidson College last weekend! Seems like just yesterday he was graduating from high school and then we were dropping him off at college. This can only mean one thing: I'm getting old. 

Amir is a gentleman and a scholar, a gem of a human, and really rocks a bow tie. I was so happy to celebrate him all weekend. We even got to swing dance together at the fancy quarry dinner (top photo), which is one of the highlights of my life thus far ("Priya you have to let me lead!")

I also got my mom her first pair of Lululemon pants as a Mother's Day/birthday present; which has nothing to do with Amir or his graduation, but is a special memory nonetheless! I didn't even have to force her like I thought I would; and if you're wondering if we wear the same size...the only thing that separates us is the birthing of 7 kids ;) Really enjoyed getting to hang with my parents & Galina, the crew that made it out for the weekend. 

It's been fun having Amir close(r) by in North Carolina over the past few years! I've made it to Davidson a few times (Fall 2015 / Fall 2014) and have loved getting a peek at Amir's college experience at Davidson (and getting to meet all his buds!) 

Congrats Amir! We couldn't be prouder of you, Marshmallow! 

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