Current State of the Union, 5.31.16

Can we all pretend this post went up yesterday? No one really cares anyway right? Cool. 
Currently / life:
+ What have I been up to lately? Mostly welcoming Summer with open arms and waving a quick goodbye to this Spring. I hung around Nashville this month (and loved it) apart from a quick weekend in North Carolina for Amir's graduation.
+ I'm staying super busy at work as I get ready to transition into a new role, and also with various side hustles as part of my baller on a budget lifestyle (& saving for Paris!)
+ Blogging took a backseat this month, but I do want to highlight my 10 Wardrobe Essentials post that I worked on for a while & was really pleased with!
+ My brother Coren is getting married (to Marisol) in August, which will fill my wedding involvement quota for the year :) we're gearing up for the bachelorette party next month in San Diego, bridal shower in San Francisco in July, and I'm helping my mom with the rehearsal dinner! Plenty of planning stuff to do there!
+ One other little bit of life- I'm just about two months out from the San Francisco marathon on July 31st, and taking my training to the next level. My long run hit 12 miles a couple weekends ago, and I'm still swimming and doing strength training. It feels like I'm getting there! I also have no idea what I'm doing, so any advice is welcomed!

Currently / pop culture:
+ Nine Track Mind- Charlie Puth, my album of the month, hands down! SO good and so relevant. My favorite tracks are Dangerously and We Don't Talk Anymore, which imho is one of Selena Gomez' best vocal performances ever. And this is on top of the four singles that are already major radio hits.
+ I actually went to a bunch of shows this month! I saw Tokyo Police Club, and We Are Scientists (funniest band I have ever seen), and then Silversun Pickups, Foals, & Joywave together at the Ryman. The latter two are really new to me, and solid recommendations. Joywave's 2015 album How Do You Feel Now? is solid through & through (think video game music), and Silversun Pickups have a fantastic Greatest Hits-ish album The Singles Collection, that I love listening to at work.
+ If you haven't checked out The Lumineers new album, Cleopatra, you must! The single Ophelia is very catchy, but my favorite is actually the first track, Sleep on the Floor, which might be the perfect song for this Summer.
+ EDIT: I just finished watching The People Vs. OJ Simpson. It was fascinating for me to realize how little I actually knew about this case and how it defined the term "media circus." I've also loved discussing with people that were older than me when it happened the "cast of characters" - I think they did an awesome job casting, from what I can tell!
+ And as of last night (per my hairstylist's rec) I started Bloodline on Netflix. Any fans out there?

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Currently / shopping: I went ahead and changed this category name from Currently / wish-listing, since I'm shoooopping.
+ I am 100% on board with the chambray Americana thing that everyone has rolled out for the Summer. Per usual I am obsessed with Old Navy and they nailed it! I bought a few things, and got Super Cash, to hopefully pick up a few more things [atop my list for round two: a ^ sleeveless swing dress ^ this palm print dress <3 botanical print <3]
+ These three chambray pieces I now own and love. The button-front sundress is a dream and fits so well. I literally had a dream about the ruffle off-the-shoulder dress, test-wore it this weekend, and while it makes me feel like a Chiquita Banana queen, the off-the-shoulder trend is SUPES ANNOYING TO WEAR (#fashionispain.) And this ROMPER! It's out of stock and for good reason. I ordered it online just for fun, but it actually fits me and this kinda stuff never ever fits me. Coming soon to an outfit post near you.
+ I also picked up a few boutique + Anthro goodies (got the notebook and this dress) in Chattanooga over the weekend that I can't wait to share! After my birthday I'm really truly done shopping Mom, I promise!

Currently / on the nightstand:
+ Since I last wrote, I finished All The Light We Cannot See (gorgeous writing, snoozefest. Had a hard time getting into it and never really did. Wouldn't necessarily recommend...) and grabbed Everything I Never Told You - Celeste Ng from Carina in Chicago. While I found the first generation American/mixed race kid perspective fascinating, the book was v sad through and through and maybe not the best read for me right now.
+ My friend Rachel is probably the wisest person I know, and an avid reader. When she gives me a rec of "maybe the best book she's ever read", I have to go for it. So, I started East of Eden by John Steinbeck, and I'm gonna read it this Summer. I'm really gonna do it.
Currently / beauty: how cute is May's ipsy "bag" ? The perfect envelope in the perfect color for brushes while traveling!
+ New tradition! I'm using up products I have and pampering myself by doing a masque/week. First up- this Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty masque that was given to me years ago...(do masques go bad?) I can't find this anywhere online, but you can find products in this line here. It's a great one!
+ (clockwise) I could write an entire post on e.l.f. products I like, first up- the Moisturizing Lipstick in Coral Cutie. Probably my favorite Spring shade, it's glossy, smells good, and oh, it's $3.
+ My boss-mom Christine dropped this Wet n Wild Highlighting Stick off on my desk the other day because "she loved the packaging and had to buy them all but this one isn't her color." After lip color, blush is my favorite beauty product and I have been absolutely loving this in my routine lately- it literally takes one swipe to get a little blushing/highlighting/shimmer action.
+ Galina brought me this Lakme eyeliner back from India- apparently it's what all the locals use! It's long-lasting and liquid with a tiny brush, still perfecting my hand, but it's a solid product.
+ I recently used my Birchbox points to pick out some new mascara- the thing you always need and always run out of. I was interested to try the Elizabeth Mott It's So B!G mascara because I like their primer SO MUCH, and I'm pretty pleased! It's nothing super special but the brush is nice and it works well, plus Birchbox has a great full-size + travel size offer for $18.
+ All hail Lincoln Park After Dark, the best polish color for any time of the year. I've loved this shade for a while, but never actually owned it, until I got it in a very belated Christmas present from Christine (she spoils me!) I promptly gave myself a manicure, and yes, it's even the best color when you do it at home!
+ I've got nothing to show for this yet, but I'm getting my hair done today! Shouldn't be too different- a few inches off, a few pounds thinned out (ha) more layers, and more balayage! I'm super looking forward to what has become kinda a birthday tradition for me.
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