weekend update: Marisol's #LastSailBeforeTheVeil

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So happy I could make it to San Diego & back over the weekend to celebrate my beautiful new sister, Marisol! Attending the bachelorette party for a girl that's marrying your brother is, in a word, interesting, but we had a fabulous time. 

We had a little boat time, a little beach time, a few banners (I made the top one and the very talented Eli made the bottom one), a few panties, and a LOT of selfies! 

I was so happy to see Galina & Carina, and even snuck in an evening with my brother Sundar in Carlsbad nearby. And California, you guys. Even after the heartbreak, Nashville has its' charms, but CALIFORNIA, you guys. Being there never fails to make my heart sing. I've always thought of SoCal as a "visit but never live" sort of place, but I really freaking loved being in San Diego. I went for the most killer run on Friday and just couldn't stop wondering why I ever left the Golden state. 

I'm nothing short of thrilled to be kicking off (the first of many?) Pappu weddings. Marisol is already an adored member of our family, and I love seeing my brother Coren so happy! Next up: Marisol's NorCal "sprinkle" next month (which means, per usual, I just got back from CA in time to book my next flight to CA.) Hope your week is off to a great start! Missing my Pappumas already. 

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