Current State of the Union 8.30.16

how adorable is August? The Paper Source Foil Letterpress Calendar for 2017 is now available and it is SO cute!

Currently / life:
+ I've been racking my brain about what to put in this slot about life in August- I got nothing. Minus my brother's wedding weekend, and a few other bursts of excitement, things have been really chill!
+ Most recently, Carina & I have been making arrangements for our trip to Europe (coming up fast- next month! Though really it's the beginning of October.) This includes reaching out to old friends (and blogging friends) looking at airb&bs, booking flights, and not spending money otherwise.
+ I had an organized "post list" for August and really stuck to it: Elana & I kicked off the Head to Toe Remix and have so far styled an accessory, outerwear, a top, and a bottom; I had a couple exciting weekends, at homeat a bachelorette party and home again for Coren & Marisol's wedding; I wore these green pants again, a favorite chambray sundress, and my favorite Summer sandals; and in other news, partnered with thredUP and shared my Top 10 ipsy/Birchbox finds of all time. It was a good month for blogging, apparently!

Currently / shopping:
+ Guys- I have nothing to report here! *Round of applause* I even stopped in a boutique this past weekend and left empty-handed when I didn't find anything I loved. Knowing I have two trips (NYC & Paris) coming up where I will be shopping is keeping me motivated.

Currently / beauty: clockwise
+ EOS balm in Lemon Drop | What's the phenomenon called when you have no EOS balms and then suddenly you have three? I suddenly have three. And no balm is quite as satisfying. 
+ Ciaté Paint Pot in Spinning Teacup | I haven't used this yet, but couldn't help but notice it's just like a favorite of mine, Essie Play Date (currently on my toes.) Uh bonus that I just learned this is a British Beauty favorite!
+ Manna Kadar 3-in-1 eyeshadow | Also a highlighter and blush! My co-worker randomly handed me this, and I love the shimmery nude pink so much I wore it in my brother's wedding! 
+ Chella eyeliner pen in Indigo | I also don't know where this came from, but I found it one morning, and absolutely love "felt tip" eyeliner; so I just wore it to work for fun! Great product and color. Wearing it here
+ Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina | I think you've heard enough about this from me- but it's my new favorite lip color. I had myself AND my sisters wearing it for my brother's wedding! A fantastic lip product in a perfect neutral pink. 

*Interested in ipsy/Birchbox? <-- Subscribe for $10! More about ipsy/Birchbox here.*

Currently / pop culture:
Glory - Britney Spears | Ironically, I’ve only become a huge (old) Britney fan in the last few years, but I’ve really been enjoying her latest release! Let’s be honest- Britney is a hot mess, and I love her just the same, the vocals are a bit cringeworthy, but this album is full of jams! Listen to: Man on the Moon
California - Blink-182 | The release of a Blink-182 record sans Tom Delonge has been highly contested (one of my co-workers went as far to say “That’s not Blink-182, that’s a cover band.”) but imho Mark Hoppus and Matt Skiba put together a great album, with the classic Blink sound we know and love. Listen to: She's Out of Her Mind
Emotion Side B - Carly Rae Jepsen | First off, if you’re not familiar with E*MO*TION, the cult favorite jam of the century that is today's answer to 80's pop, get back to me (I’ve already talked about this.) Because CRJ loves us, she has released B-sides that (I am listening to at this moment) and are completely fantastic. Listen to: The One 
+ Slight deviant- Have you guys heard of the podcast Song ExploderI don’t listen to many podcasts because I have a really short attention span, but this one is great! Each episode follows production of a single track (Coffee- Sylvan Esso, Ophelia- the Lumineers, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori- Weezer, to name a few.) It’s totally fascinating insight from artists, and best of all, episodes are each about 20 minutes long :) 

+ Just finished The Night Of on Sunday! While true crime might feel a little tired right now, I loved the characters and really felt like it was Serial meets Prison Break, two things I was a huge fan of.
+ Carina also got me into Siblings, a super fun, easy watch on BBC that was tragically cancelled after two seasons. Find it on Hulu! 

*psst, follow along with me on Spotify! Be warned that Michael Bolton is in my top played artists*
from last weekend's adventure in Brevard, NC

Currently / Nashville:
[dirty] Melrose Billiards | One of my favorite spots in town, that's about to get a makeover (get over there while you can!) What's the most charming part? Going back in time? Disgruntled Kevin or Grayson the bartenders? The jukebox? Old men betting on golf? Decades of stale cigarette smoke? Ping pong and victory chips? Can't decide! 
Bar Sovereign | On the total flipside- another boutique cocktail bar that's recently opened, half the allure being you can barely find the place! I met a friend for drinks and enjoyed...something I can't quite remember (NOT drunk. Can't remember what the drink was called.) But don't take my word for it!

What's your latest in life, pop culture, beauty, shopping, and Nashville (or your city?) Share below!

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