My Fall 2016 Un-Capsule

I'm sure by now you are sick of hearing of hearing the word capsule...
But I just wanted to share how I inadvertently created a capsule that’s been helping me get dressed this Fall! 

I don’t shop with any kind of regularity and generally try to shop as little as possible {due to budget + space + feeling like I have a LOT}, but creating my Fall wishlist left me seriously inspired to shake up my wardrobe by adding some trends (and other items I just really wanted to wear!)

Oh my gosh, this helped so much you guys! One of my biggest motivators for blogging is finding ways to help myself get dressed in the morning -so simple- but something that can be a real pain, and source of stress (I’m sure some of you can relate!) I have to say, adding a handful of strategic items has really made me excited to put together some new outfits, and get dressed- for work, play, travel, and everything in between. 

So I’m calling this my un-capsule, because of two major deviants from your typical capsule: 
1) All of the items are new to me! Not a great strategy, unless you have unlimited funding, and certainly not necessary- but I can honestly say each of these items fits my current lifestyle and body, and maybe more importantly, I’m excited about each of them, and 
2) While I’m styling outfits using the building block of an un-capsule item, my whole closet is fair game, so there are no restrictions. It’s fun to pair my new items together, but it’s also fun to realize a newer piece (striped trousers) makes an old closet orphan (thrifted t-shirt sweater) relevant again! 

Ok, here are the items (many of these are still available or I've linked to similar!):
+ Zara velvet mock neck (purchased in Paris): fills the "velvet tee" spot on my Fall wishlist. Size up!
+ Old Navy varsity tee (ordered online): needed this athetichic tee in my closet as soon as I saw it. 
+ J.Crew boatneck striped tee (traded via Poshmark): replaced my too small striped tee. Also, Poshmark trades ftw!
+ J.Crew fancy shoulder tee (c/o ThredUp): more about this top and ThredUp here
+ Old Navy plaid button-up (c/o ThredUp): the perfect weight and colors for Fall! Already worn several times. 
+ Old Navy fox button-up {similar, cactus print!}(traded via Poshmark): a bit twee, but too cute to ignore. Worn here.

+ neutral sweater (via clothing swap): we had another clothing swap at work, and I can't get enough neutral sweaters.
+ Joy velvet bomber jacket (purchased in London): Laila helped me find this in Shoreditch! So luxe.
H&M marled gray sweater (purchased in Nashville): perfect stand alone or layering pieces! On the blog here
+ Topshop metallic trousers (purchased in London): these PANTS. More about them real soon. 
+ Old Navy leopard trousers (ordered online): basically the same as my lucky green and tuxedo trousers. A great fit. 
+ Madewell Flea Market Flares (purchased via Poshmark) such a Poshmark steal! A bit ridic, but I'm totally into it.
+ Old Navy drawstring pants (ordered online): the future of pants. Worn on the blog right here.
+ H&M striped trousers (purchased in Nashville): the future of pants, take 2. Such a stylish & comfy pair of trousers!
+ J.Crew olive khakis (traded via Poshmark): replaced my ill-fitting olive pants, a superb trade! 
H&M cat dress (purchased in Nashville): hold tight for the outfit post about this one. Still available in stores!
Topshop brocade shorts (purchased in NYC): I've recently really gotten into shorts! Love these, on the blog here.
+ J.Crew skirt (used ThredUp credit): About as mini as my skirts get. I also have it in pink, this green is SO Fall! 
+ Nike Juvenate trainers (birthday gift): perfect trainers! Wore 'em all over NYC & Europe, & on the blog here.
+ Madewell flats in Spot Dot (via Poshmark, partially credit): so happy to get my hands on these! On the blog here.
+ Target lace-up flats (ordered online): the shoe of the season, and surprisingly comfortable (and totally affordable!)
+ Zara pointed loafers (purchased in NYC): I've been wearing these babies non-stop! On the blog here.

And I don’t know why this has been a surprise to me, but getting a little more organized has made all the difference! I made a Google doc with all my items, and spent time just playing around with different combinations (an idea I got from several other bloggers.) Having the Sheets app on my phone means I have all my outfit ideas on me at all times- and can add to them anywhere! 

I started by listing the most "duh" combination (por ejemplo: fox button-up --> black skinny jeans & black loafers) and have gone from there using Pinterest, blogspiration, etc. to dream up some combinations I wouldn't have ordinarily! Then when I'm laying in bed after hitting snooze twice, I can read off a few outfit ideas and decide what to wear while STILL in bed. The best part of this whole capsule thing, really ;) 

I've already shared several outfits using pieces from my un-capsule (one / two / three / four / five / six / seven) and I'm super excited to roll out the rest of my un-capsule, right here on perfectly P! Stay tuned!! 

SO: if you've played around with a capsule before, I'd love to hear it! Did you have lofty goals for Fall fashion? Share an outfit below! Also, am I seriously missing (or knocking it out of the park) with these items? 
I would love to hear what you think! 

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