My Live-in Pieces For Summer

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I made this on Canva, which I finally started using! It's a game-changer!!

If there were any doubt about it, after the Fourth of July, it is totally Summertime. Consider this my Summer Un-Capsule (check out last Fall's Un-Capsule right here!) I'm not restricting myself in any way (I'm a maximalist, after all); but I have noticed myself reaching for the same pieces over and over again as the foundation for my outfits this season. It's not the worst way to get dressed! 

+ t-shirt dress | I love any day dress (wardrobe essential) and this Summer I can't stop wearing the t-shirt style, specifically. If you don't know what I mean, think of the giant old t-shirts you love to sleep in- this is the same style (only cuter?) There is nothing more effortless! I've been living in striped number from Zara, though this one is pretty similar, I need to get my hands on that "Varsity" one asap, and how dreamy is that ruffle sleeve??
+ oversized chambray | I historically haven't loved a chambray button-up as much as every freaking buddy, but I believe it's because I haven't found my perfect fit. Until now. Mine is a rand-me-down and it's a Target size Large that fits me with oversized perfection. It really does go with everything. This Current/Elliott one is a dead ringer.
+ tunic cover-up | Obvi I had to put a swimsuit cover-up on here because it's Summer, duh. Anything can work as a cover-up, but I feel the most chic in one of my linen tunics (from India, somehow?) I was pleasantly surprised by how many adorable options J.Crew has! Side tassels, scallops, and a rainbow sherbet palette? Yes yes yes.
+ neutral sandals | I'm not a sandals person, and I've come to terms with that. So this pair from Target, that I love and wear frequently, is one of like three pairs that I own. I already have a back-up pair waiting for when these are finished. I really can't find a similar option, but my point is that you really only need one pair that goes with everything. I am totally into some metallic Birks, too.
+ boyfriend jean shorts | I didn't wear shorts for a while because I couldn't find a pair I liked. My boyfriend jean shorts from Old Navy are absolutely perfect; not too short, not too tight, a little distressed, & cuffed. I love that I can wear them to the pool, when I'm road-tripping, or even to a dinner with friends- they are the quintessential Summer piece!
black crop top | I promise you 90% of my "going-out-fits" start with this perfect black crop top! It is the answer to {nearly} all my problems, and goes just as well with high-waisted shorts as it does culottes as it does a full skirt! I've actually worn it several times on the blog, and it's a few years old, but this Tibi one is very similar.
+ basic tank | I stocked up on a bunch of these a few years ago, and have lived in them every Summer since! Old Navy makes them in literally every color and style (for so cheap): racerback, relaxed, swing, cami, etc. Pair one with some ^ boyfriend shorts ^ and you have an instant Summer outfit that will never let you down!
+ baseball cap | I've been a fan for a while, and I've been crushing these this Summer (maybe because my hair is out of control?) I dress one up a bit for work, but love them on the weekends too- they are also so functional, go figure! Because they are so trendy, they are SO many cute options: chambray, ooh la la suede, floral, and pink!
+ flip-flops | I know these are not stylish or whatever, but I live in my Reefs during the Summer. You can't deny how easy they are if you're anywhere near water. Reefs are seriously SO comfy. I did own some Havaianas at one point and they were great, & I don't own Chacos but if I keep kayaking then I am getting some dammit!

I have scoured the internet for the best options, below, and you are so welcome!

What are your "live-in" pieces for Summer? 

P.S. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, they make my day! I really appreciate and read every single one (even if it takes me a while to respond!)

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