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| glasses: Primark {similar} | button-up: Ralph Lauren via Jamie | lip: Estee Lauder lipstick in Nectarine | skirt: Forever 21 via Jamie {similar} | slides: Madewell via Poshmark {similar} |

This look is putting off some vibes that I can’t put my finger on exactly- but the cat eye sunnies, tied button-up, and midi skirt all look pretty classic/vintage sweetheart to me! What vibes are you getting? Because my legs are so short, I would typically wear heels with a midi skirt; but I think when I took these pictures (a couple months ago) I was still very hyped on these Madewell leather slides. Plus the slides vs. heels definitely makes this look a little more casual and Summer-y rather than polished.

What else…honestly, I’ve been spending a good amount of time by myself lately. It’s actually quite ridiculous that after a non-stop season of life, the minute I get some back-to-back downtime, I freak out a little. I’m just someone who has never done well with a lot of free time which I know is SO dumb! I’ve also been house-sitting this past week so it’s almost been like a retreat! I suppose it’s that grass is always greener thing- I always want some time to chill when things are really busy, but when things are too chill, and I have too much time on my hands to just think, it makes me anxious. I keep telling myself though that it’s OHKAY to have downtime to yourself- doing whatever it is you like to do. You don’t have to feel guilty about that.

Here’s a little reminder (maybe mostly just for me) that whatever season of life you’re in, whether or not you’re where you thought you’d be, you’re in the RIGHT place and you’re supposed to be there. Wherever you are is ok. Nothing has to be perfect to be good. Just things I’ve thought about over and over this week while I’ve been staying in a house that isn’t mine, talking to a dog that isn’t mine :D 

On a much lighter note! I am still doing this silly #nailpolishchallenge, that is, wearing (or trying to wear and getting rid of) every single nail polish shade I own. I think I started this at basically the beginning of the year and I'm STILL trying "new" shades. I think the lesson there is that I don't need any more nail polish. I'm currently wearing what I believe is Trout Pout by Butter London. A friend gifted me a few Butter London polishes a few years ago and the formula really is fantastic.

Ok, I think that's the update for now! T T Y S


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