Snapshots of Life, XV

Throwing it back to an old series I haven't done since...the last time I was out of the country for a week!

Here are some random iPhone snaps from Summer '17 that I just don't want to forget about!
{clockwise, ish)
Hamilton/Drybar selfie in Chicago
my mom sent us this picture on Peanut's birthday, PLEASE enjoy my scowl
nature selfie (oh no is this about to be a collection of my selfies)
the best mural ever in Chicago
a sunset that I did not capture while driving...nope...why do you ask?
the Hot Mess Express truck IS me (at CMA fest!)
novelty swimsuit + ca-brewing = a really great day
just a great mirror selfie with my girl Jacqui in Charleston
a Chinese dragon from the lantern festival
on my babysitting grind, he kept asking "can I have a drink out of dat?"
Copy of Snapshots Summer '171
a sari selfie from Anjali & Mike's ceremony #2
I just want this on record as one of my FAVORITE family photos, ever (could you die??)
such a great girl's night in California with Kate the Great (and Steph!)
here I am after my hosting gig at our conference (actually this Spring ok fine)
turn up for Friday night with L & MC!
I "took" John to Chili's for his bday and then Christine paid for it :| 
I love this photo of me & the twins after my mom's bday party so so much
my Mummo turned 80 and she real cute and that's all HBD Mummo!
quick shout-out to this shirt, the real MVP of my life
when my Dad picked me up from the airport and took me straight to In-N-Out #blessingsonblessingsonblessings

Here lie the Snapshots of Life archives!

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