Thankful Thursday #10

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Thankful Thursday is my lil gratitude project that I've somewhat abandoned and seem to pick up every year at Thanksgiving. Which, is honestly quite fitting. Some of these things are tiny (hard boiled eggs!) some of these are huge (good health!) but all of them I am truly thankful for today and everyday. 26 of them today which feels right, but check out my entire list (so far) below!

59. direct flights to the Bay
60. giant cozy sweaters
61. good health!
62. my very extra phone case that makes me happy
63. hot tea
64. the ability to work remotely
65. dogs
66. the outdoors in California, specifically
67. stuffing!
68. pie!
69. old family photos
70. dinner parties with girlfriends
71. my standing desk
72. hard boiled eggs (this is so weird, sorry)
73. the island of Sardinia
74. my sweet mother
75. having drinks with an old friend
76. books that you can't put down
77. my Kindle!
78. Monopoly Deal
79. leaves in the Fall
80. Finnish sweet buns
81. vintage Mid-Century modern furniture
82. my roommate, Emily
83. San Francisco
84. chai

HAPPY happy Thanksgiving, one and all. I hope yours is cozy and restful. Thankful for you guys!

All the Thankful Thursdays of all time live right here.

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