2017 Reading List

So I wasn't feeling super inspired to put together a music list from last year (see: My Favorite Songs of 2016) but I AM feeling hyped on reading! Yay! For the first time EVER, I completed my reading goal for the year in 2017- 12 books (a book a month was the idea here.) That might not seem like a lot for all the voracious readers out there (and props to you!) but, I think I have made this goal the last several years and never accomplished it. So. Go Pri. 

Anyway here's what I read in 2017! Some of these are a bit silly and I'm not ashamed at all! 

My rating system is pretty cut and dry- knowing what I know now, would I choose to read this again? (If the answer is NO- doesn't mean it's a bad book, just that I would probably chose something else.) 
1. Sweetbitter - Stephanie Danler | Fun fact- my sister and I saw the author on the street in NYC! My sister also gave me this book to read because she really loved it, but honestly...Danler is a talented author for sure, and this felt very much like a millennial coming-of-age novel, so that was cool, BUT the main character Tess was so irritating and constantly "victimized" to me that I just could not root for her and therefore really invest in the story. Would I choose this again: No.

2. Heart to Heart - Britney Spears & Lynne Spears | It was the #yearofBritney, are you surprised? Remember this book? Britney and her Mom wrote this together in the year 2000. It was actually SO fun to read, and goodness, how things changed for her. Would I choose this again: Hell yes. 

3. The Grownup - Gillian Flynn | I've read all of Flynn's work and was excited to check this out! To be fair, it is a short story (you could easily read this in a day), and was just creepy enough to give me a good thrill but not scare me too bad (some of her other stuff is pretty messed up.) Would I choose this again: Yes. 

4. Through the Storm - Lynne Spears | Britney's mom's tell-all book that I was SO excited to read!! This is basically the exact opposite of the book they wrote together, and super insightful. I really like Lynne, and she loves writing poems. Would I choose this again: Yessss. 

5. East of Eden - John Steinbeck | Ha, so this was kinda to balance out my trash reading, but also because my friend Rachel, who always has great reading recommendations, said this is her favorite book of all time. And for good reason, this is a classic and I totally get why. The story is very intricate, but also explores pretty simple human themes like family relationships, good and evil, and love. Worth reading for Steinbeck's gorgeous descriptions of the Central Valley ALONE. Would I choose this again: Yes! Everyone should. 

6. Awkward Black Girl - Issa Rae | I am a fan of anything Issa Rae does (Insecure was probably my favorite thing on TV last year) so I was SO excited to read her autobiographical-ish book of essays. This is such a great, breezy, read! Would I choose this again: Yes, esp. for fans of Insecure. 

7. Americanah - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | Kinda a funny back-to-back read. My sister, who tells me about everything good, lent this to me (I've also seen it on many reading lists since.) What I loved most about this book, besides the narrative, and the narrator who is badass, is that it was unlike anything I'd ever read. Not to mention, super timely. Would I choose this again: Yes! 

8. Where Am I Now - Mara Wilson | This was, pound for pound, the best book I read last year. I'm gauging that purely because it was the one I wanted to get home and read the most! I have been a Mara Wilson fan...forever, and every page of this was a joy. Insightful, smart, funny, she is fantastic. Would I choose this again: Yes! Required reading. 

9. Man Repeller - Leandra Medine | I got really into Leandra's style/Man Repeller the blog last year, so naturally, when I found out she wrote a book, I had to check it out! While, imho tbh it wasn't the best "autobiographical-ish collection of essays" (what is that genre CALLED?) I've read, I did appreciate that it really had some neat stories about why and how Leandra IS Leandra. I think any blogger (esp fashion blogger) could really enjoy this. Would I choose this again: Yes. 

10. The Secret History - Donna Tartt | This was my book for my trip to Italy. Both of Donna Tartt's books have been on my reading lists forever. Don't get me wrong- she is a very talented author, the characters were awesome, the setting was gorgeous; but the story, for me (especially the ending!) left something to be desired. Would I choose this again: No- I would probably try The Goldfinch instead. 

11. The Paying Guests - Sarah Waters | I started this book once before, dropped it, and picked it up again determined to finish it. At first, the story is kind of boring but I believe that's the point, the main character leads a very mundane life. Well, the book took a turn that I was NOT expecting at all. I want to be very clear about why I'm not recommending this- the ending was not my favorite, and to me, there's nothing more disappointing after investing time in a book! Would I choose this again: No. 

12. The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah | Everyone has heard about this book, well it took me until last month to finally read it, and yes, it was spectacular. I cried probably three times. I don't want to give anything away/this isn't meant to be book reviews, necessarily, but this story of two sisters was beautiful. Would I choose this again: absolutely yes! 

My goal for 2018 is 16 books- i KNOW I can do that! I'm about halfway through Life After Life right now, so off to a good start. I'm tracking my progress on Goodreads, and I would love to connect with you! Please hit me with the last book you read that you couldn't put down, I'm always looking for great recs.

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