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We're 8 days into May, but hopefully not too late to still be sharing small goals for the month! April was a busy and fun month that culminated with having my family in town for marathon weekend. May will be a month filled with weekends away; in fact, my only weekend in Nashville this month already happened! The weeknights should be pretty chill and good for knocking out what I have planned to accomplish.

First, a look back at April:

1. Get my house close to done | DONE!
I am so happy to be settled in my new (ish!) place after moving in February. I needed to furnish an entire living room, among other projects! I still have some fine-tuning to do (let's be honest, this will probably go on forever), and I want to get my deck warm-weather ready, but otherwise, I'm set for now!

2. Do a capsule project | DONE!
Guys I did my first capsule project ever! I shared daily updates of my 15x15 Workweek Capsule on Twitter and you know, I really enjoyed it, and my friends told me they didn't notice me wearing the same five things. Would you be interested in reading a capsule breakdown post? Let me know in the comments!

3. Qualify for the Boston Marathon | NOPE.
I addressed this more thoroughly in my weekend update post, but no, I didn't qualify for Boston, not even close! The Nashville marathon was a super tough race for me, one that I felt very accomplished simply finishing. I'm honestly more disappointed to have had a miserable few hours than I am that I didn't achieve my goal, so no big deal.

4. Sign up for a new credit card | DONE!
Per my sister's recommendation I now have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card which comes with a lot of cool travel perks.

5. Adjust my finances | DONE!
I'm looking back at this goal wondering exactly what I meant by it, ha. I am at least organized with what bills are due when and whether or not they are automated, which feels like the point behind it.

6. Visit the tailor | DONE!
I spent way too much getting three pairs of pants altered (including my favorite Zara leggings that I wear ALL the time.)

And here's what I'm working on in May:

1. Do a de-clutter project.
I am so excited about this! Now that I have all my junk hidden and arranged in my new place, it's time to DE-CLUTTER! I got the idea for a 30 day decluttering challenge from an old co-worker of mine. I simply pick one drawer or place or topic per day and tackle it. It works great because I can pick something small on a busier day (my wallet) or something bigger on a Saturday (my closet!) I'm off to a good start and can't wait to report back on this! 

2. Sabbatical phase 2.
I am so thankful to have the month of November OFF as a sabbatical. While I have the "skeleton" of my plans in place (along with international flights) there are a thousand smaller things to research, plan, and book. Mostly in India, because I'll luckily be with family and friends in Finland and California. Please share any of your ideas or must-dos with me! 

3. Apply for Global Entry.
One of the cool perks of my new credit card is that it covers the cost of Global Entry, which will come in realllly handy for my sabbatical but also just life in general.

4. Apply for India Visa.
So number 3 & 4 are basically part of number 2. I guess I could have made this list more diverse, but, hopefully by the end of the month I'm close to done planning my sabbatical!

5. Be a self-care queen. 
I can't put my finger on exactly what has made me feel a little run-down and worn-out lately. The answer is ahhh-bviouslyyy some serious self-care. Nicole is the reigning self-care queen, and I couldn't find the post where she specifically said "sometimes self-care feels like more things to check off my to-do list", the remedy being, there's no RIGHT or WRONG way for YOU to practice self-care. With that in mind, I've been asking myself the question "how can I take care of myself right now?" a lot lately, as well as just being more intentional about how I do certain things (for example: getting ready for bed.) Hopefully I will have some ideas to share at the end of the month about what worked!

I would love to hear what you're working on in your life this month! Share below!

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