What Have I Been Up To?

HAY. I know I've been in & out of here the past few weeks; and though my blog has always and will likely always have a style focus, I do feel a bit off if I don't share what else is going on! I can only assume if you're reading my blog, you're invested in more than what I'm wearing as well (PLUS Alyssa reminded me that there is definitely still a place on the internet for bloggers to get personal and share their stories.)

So here's what else has been going on in my life for the last month or so:
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+ I turned 27! If I sound different (lol) that's why. Kicking around a birthday post to hopefully share soon.

+ MY NEPHEW WAS BORN on my birthday. I KNOW. Of all 365 days to choose from. I am already obsessed!

+ Dith had her bachelorette party in Dyersburg, TN. My dear friend Meredith gets married on July 7th!

+ Art & I spent the weekend in Florida. A beach weekend for my birthday in scenic Siesta Key (mostly.)

+ Btw I have a boyfriend and his name is Art. I purposefully haven't shared a lot about this yet for several reasons, but now I'm ready to shout it from the rooftops! You can stalk him on Instagram here. ;)

+ I went to two weddings: one not a surprise in Atlanta, one a surprise here in town! Such fun!

+ Summer has arrived in Nashville. It is hot, the lightning bugs are out, and I'm spending as much time under water and at outdoor concerts as possible.

+ And because it makes up 40+ hours of my regular week, I feel like I have to mention work (talent @ an email marketing company, fyi) has been CRAZY but good!

+ Most recently my sister is here for like a day and we are seeing Kacey Musgraves & Harry Styles tonight!!

And that's the scoop! I've had a smashing start to the Summer, and I hope you have too! Would love to hear about your adventures or whatever is new with you, share below!

I'll be back later in the week with an outfit post. xo

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