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+ The Staircase | So much good TV premiering this Summer! This docu-series is about one of the most notorious cases in modern American history (right?) and interestingly, was extended and re-released by Netflix. I would say the first half-ish lived up to expectations, but it dragged a bit at the end. If you watched it, sound off in the comments below (please! My bf & I have gotten in many fights about this!)

+ Sharp Objects | I was sooo excited about this HBO limited series adaptation from the book by Gillian Flynn. This series has somehow been darker than the book, if possible, but imo, SO well done. I'm not watching for the book vs. TV comparison, and really, it's been years since I've read the book so I can't remember everything anyway (and I prefer that, actually!)

+ 2 Dope Queens | Guys I have been SLEEPING on 2DQ. I may have listened to a random podcast episode here and there but have you watched the HBO special?! Jessica and Phoebe are truly magical and I loved every second of the 4 part special on HBO. [I have to mention that I love how closely linked they are to Broad City which I also L O V E.]

The O.C. | Surely I have mentioned somewhere that I am slowly watching through the entire series? This show is SO comforting and nostalgic to me, it's like a warm blanket. The nights where my only plans are to go home after work and watch The O.C. are some of my favorites right now! But for how huge of a fan I am, I have never finished the series (I almost have a complex about it) but I am finally gonna do it!

+ All the books I've read since last time | Ready Player One, The Help (re-listened), In a Dark, Dark Wood (listened), I'll Be Gone in the Dark and I'm in the final stretch of A God in Ruins. If I were to recommend one of these, it would probably In a Dark, Dark Wood (if you haven't already read The Help.) be My reading goal for 2018 is 18 books, and I'm currently at 12!

+ Still Run - Wet | I've been quoted as saying "Don't You [Wet's debut album] got me through 2016." I was soooo excited about this release, and though the second album hasn't hit me in quite the same way, it's definitely worth the listen. Listen to: Lately - this track could've been on Don't You, imo!

+ Clean - Soccer Mommy | She first grabbed my attention because of this delightful stage name, on a Spotify Indie mix playlist (I'll be honest - I do a lot less "discovery" of new music than I have in the past.) I gave this album a try, and it became my go-to work album for two weeks straight! Also cool that she is a Nashville native who gets to open for Kacey Musgraves on select shows of her tour next year! Listen to: Cool, maybe more upbeat than the majority of the album, but still so angsty.

+ Everything is Love - The Carters | This is just really good, you guys (I am so not a music reviewer of any kind BUT I know what I like!) I read the comment somewhere that it sounds like they just had fun making music together and didn't worry about it being on the charts or whatever, and it totally does feel that way! Listen to: 713, sample yourself, genius!

Electric Light - James Bay | I'll be honest, I just mentally threw James Bay in a category with like, Hozier and George Ezra and didn't give him a second thought. But I really like this album! It leans more towards BØRNS and less towards Vance Joy, does that makes any sense at all? Does anyone understand me? Idk. Listen to: In My Head, which has ironically, been stuck in my head for weeks.

+ twerkout now | If you're wondering what keeps me motivated when I workout, this is it! I try to keep it trim and tidy (and perfect for 30 min Bikini Body Guide workouts!)

P.S. Let's connect on Spotify!

WORN // I'll keep this short since the majority of my shopping was detailed in a birthday round-up post!
+ Zara dress | I bought a few things at Zara around my birthday & the blush linen Reformation-y dress has been a favorite this Summer! I wore it to my actual birthday dinner & last week (outfit post to come!)

+ metallic loafers | I once had a pair of gold loafers that I literally had to throw away - these have replaced those and are such a fun, comfy, work shoe! *Outfit post here*

+ Project 615 t-shirt | This is a local t-shirt company that has many wonderful Nashville designs, but I've had my eye on the 90's Country one for a while and finally got it!

ETC. //
+ hot sauce iPhone case | I know I've mentioned it before, but I have to say again how much I love my iPhone case. It doesn't fit in any of my purses, but it makes me happy every time I see it & I always get compliments!

+ carrot chips | This is so random, but I am a chronic snacker and one of my favorite foods (not snack - overall food) is CHIPS. In an attempt to eat less junk, I've switched to eating hummus with literal carrots in chip form, and it has blown my mind so I wanted to share that with you.

+ Marimekko bedding | I love any and all things Marimekko, and this happy duvet cover has been on my list forever. Well, I've only had my current duvet for less than a year, but this was included in the Nordstrom sale! Isn't it the most fun? Excited to use the pillow covers if the duvet ever becomes too much (never!)

Please share your current favorites with me below! xo

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