October Boxycharm Review

Hello my beauty babes. Let's forget our troubles and talk about some new make-up, it's Boxycharm day!

Mandatory schpeal about the best subscription service on the market: for $20/month, Boxycharm sends you 4-5+ full-sized beauty products, mostly cosmetic focused, with the occasional hair/skin/body product thrown in. Check out all of my past Boxycharm reviews here

October's theme was Alter Ego, which I was hoping would be a lot more spooky/vampy. Here's what I got:
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+ PUR Cosmetics Midnight Masquerade Palette | retail value: $38
Pros: This is an eye AND face palette, there are some really gorgeous colors. Cons: The shadows did not blend the best, the blush is PIGMENTED, the highlighter is pretty but not special, the shade range is awkward for creating a lewk. I will say, I watched KathleenLights' review, and she used the bronzer as an eyeshadow (transition shade), which is genius, and ups the value of the palette in my mind! Overall, I wanted to like this more than I actually did.

+ Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Moisture Leave-In Mask | retail value: $16
I'm very low maintenance with my hair in every aspect, because I'm lazy. I'm sure you've noticed ;) I rarely style my hair and therefore use very few products. I'll always appreciate a product that can be easily used by spraying on out of the shower. My hair is also super coarse and essentially horse hair so I will always use a mask. I like this - I sprayed it liberally on my ends and it definitely made my hair look moisturized.

+ Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bow N Arrow | retail value: $20
This was such a bummer - I was very excited to try this iconic product, and I love a liquid lipstick, but this shade is SO close to my skin color that it does not work for me at all. I can't comment a lot on the product otherwise. I so wish I would have received Lolita or literally any other shade! I can make it work when layered with something else, but I don't think it will be a go-to.

+ IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Volumizing Mascara | retail value: $24
I think this mascara will work best when used in tandem with another mascara, but I haven't found the perfect combination yet. On its' own, I like it ok, but I've found it to be pretty clumpy and messy.

+ Ahava Body Lotion | retail value: $10
I know that I've used this several times, but don't have much to say about it! Lotion is lotion to me. It smells nice, and I always need lotion, especially as the weather gets colder and my hands are constantly dry. Apparently a full-size of this retails for $56, so I feel good about this bougie lotion.


I'll be honest - after one full year of being subscribed to Boxycharm, I have cancelled my subscription, for now! Not because I don't think it's fantastic, mostly due to excess and wanting to allocate this spend elsewhere. {EDIT: as I was paying for 3 months at a time, I'm still getting November & December aaaand I'm not mad about it.}

I would still vouch for Boxycharm 100%; whether you are just starting a make-up collection, or looking for an easy and cost friendly way to try out some new stuff. They JUST sent out a survey that was very specific to user's skintones etc. so I bet it will get even better and include some skin makeup finally! 

As always - I want to hear about any beauty products you're loving lately, or what you received in your subscription service! Share with me below. 


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