I'm Doing a "No-Buy" Year!

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I'm doing a "no-buy" year!

Inspired by Cait Flanders book, The Year of Lessmy best friend Stephanie, who did this last year, and weary of clutter and consumerism - I'm doing it.

So, what's a "no-buy" year?
With the minimalism trend, this kind of challenge has become increasingly popular. Essentially, it's a commitment not to purchase anything in a category for a calendar year. But it's different for everyone! Some stick to not buying just clothing, just make-up, etc. or, ban purchasing any new tangible items all together. Everyone has different rules, and it's important to tailor it exactly to your reasons for doing it, and goals of the challenge overall.

What are my rules?
For the year of 2019, I am not allowed to buy:

  • clothing, shoes, accessories
  • make-up or beauty products
  • home goods
  • craft supplies

My no-buy covers virtually any tangible items I could purchase (? right? I think? I say that and maybe I'll surprise myself, ha.)

I firmly believe that the key to actually achieving a challenge like this is to give yourself very strict rules to follow, and tailor them exactly to your conditions. So yes, I'm talking about the exceptions.

I am allowing myself to buy:

  • one item/season (one clothing item, one pair of shoes, one accessory) for a total of 4 items for the year
  • a pair of Madewell jeans, that I wanted to buy last year, but they haven't gone on sale yet
  • new bedsheets, if I decide I want to (so exciting!) 
  • refill make-up, if and ONLY IF I am out of something and need to replace it (concealer. basically.) 
  • souvenirs - I'll be doing some traveling this year, and I want to make room for special purchases. I don't have a strict rule about the number/dollar amount. This does NOT mean a shopping spree at Zara if I'm in South Africa :) but, I want to give myself the option to get something to remember a trip!
  • also a note that gifts for others are totally fine (but not gifts for, myself.) 

You might say...well if you're buying stuff, then it's not a "no-buy" year. Well, you're not wrong! This is how I'm making it work for me, so I can actually achieve it.

I'll be honest, my reasons for doing this are more steadfastly about not acquiring any more clothes/make-up, and less about the random stuff. But for ME, it's a lot easier to ban other shopping all together than make a lukewarm promise to be more mindful about buying things. I am absolutely NOT calling anyone out, if that's your mind-set for the year, right on; I just know that doesn't work for me :)

Why am I doing this? 
My overall goal is doing more with what I already have. I truly believe I have more than enough clothing etc. that I don't even wear, as well as make-up and crafty stuff. But what IS it about opening something new, and using that instead of something you already have, that makes it so exciting?! Is that the high of consumerism?

Additionally, another goal is to make mindful purchases. The quarterly item purchase is not only to hopefully scratch my shopping itch, but to guide myself to shop strategically for what I actually need. For example - I have lots of Winter clothes, but what's the one completer piece I need to make my existing wardrobe go a little further? What's the one Fall 2019 must-have piece for me? It should be kinda fun to figure this out!

Goals in bulleted form:

  • Using what I already have. 
  • Focusing on making mindful purchase for things I need. 
  • Saving money, for personal reasons. 
  • Stop acquiring clutter! I don't need all this stuff!
  • Further honing in on my style, & exactly what's in my closet. My personal style shouldn't come from *new* stuff. 

If you've done a challenge like this, I would love to hear from you! Right now I'm feeling optimistic (she said, 10 days in :)) but tell me, what worked for you? What were your rules? Are there exceptions I should add? What was the hardest part for you? Give me some helpful advice because I know this will be HARD.

I'm sure I'll be sharing update(s) at some point & using this blog to keep me accountable. Wish me luck! 

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