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Hi! A couple weeks ago, Art & I drove to surprise his mom for Mother's Day, so I decided to film a little "Get Ready With Me in the Car" video. Doing my make-up in the car is something I do...quite often! It always feels hectic getting out the door to go somewhere, so it's just a good use of time, tbh. I've become accustomed to and don't mind at all putting on a full face on the road - I'm talking, liquid foundation, warm smoky eye, contouring, the works!

Just to make it a double challenge - I grabbed a travel make-up bag I had pre-packed for I'm not sure what, and didn't look into it before I got in the car. For real, I had no idea what was in this bag, and just hoped for the best! It was actually really fun, and what can I say, I pack the hell out of a travel makeup bag :)

I'm also sharing some travel makeup hacks and must have products for doing your make-up on the go (mostly affordable/drugstore, you know how I do.) There's also the usual low-key disasters that you can come to expect in any of my videos, general road-trip shenanigans, and lots of Piper cameos :) hope you enjoy the video and finished look!

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