Glacier Outfit Round-Up

Can you believe I'm doing a mega outfit post of everything I wore on our trip to Glacier National Park? Allow me to introduce myself. Get you a girl that can do both! 

If COVID has given us anything, I think it's a closet full of cute athleisure. We could only wear our two pairs of ugly sweatpants on rotation for so long. Comfortable athleisure that still felt put-together was so key for my overall wellness over the past two years, and I know I'm not alone. I needed comfortable outfits that didn't make me feel like a total slob even though I was going nowhere! That combined with living a very active lifestyle AND quitting my office job in 2019 had me leaning all the way IN to athleisure. 

And it was quite fun to dress "National Park, but make it fashion." 

Art & I recently booked our third national park trip in three years (Zion in October!) and that inspired me to finally blog about our trip to Glacier last year. Stay tuned for a post all about the trip, but for now, the outfits! [Which ends up being a nice outline of the trip. More details about travel + hikes + eats to come in another post!]

1 | I wore this to: explore Pike Place Market + roadtrip to GlacierPriya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| hat: from Cedar Key, FL | sweatshirt: Parks Project | tights: CRZ Yoga | kicks: Adidas |

Our journey began with a flight to Seattle and subsequent drive to Glacier National Park in Montana. For this long travel day that included a road trip across several states AND temperature ranges, my only outfit requirements were comfy layers. I really love the Parks Project line (seems fitting, right?) and get ready to see a lot of CRZ Yoga. I may never pay for Lululemon again! These high-tops have been my favorite since I got them, and they are totally versatile - I ran to the top of the Wild Horses Monument in them! 

2 | I wore this to: hike to Skiumah LakePriya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| set: CRZ Yoga | boots: Danner | 

Our inaugural hike happened off the beaten path to Skiumah Lake - and called for my first CRZ set. I own and enjoy many pieces from CRZ Yoga but I should take this time to shout-out my gateway drug, the Lululemon dupe, $30 joggers that started it all. I have two pairs so that I always have one clean, and I never leave home without them. In fact, scroll down to see them on! This set is great too, but I will say, their leggings with side pockets seem to stay in place better than the ones without. I also have to mention for posterity that I am in full makeup here because I shot an audition (on the side of our yurt!!!) right before this hike, looool. 

3 | I wore this to: hike from Logan's Pass to Haystack Butte via the Garden WallPriya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| sunnies: LOFT | sweatshirt: Parks Project | tights: CRZ Yoga | boots: Danner | 

This epic hike started early (4am) and cold (in the 30's!) I think I felt every range of temperature reactions on this day - I was certainly very cold to start, but didn't want to "bundle up" (pack it in, pack it out!) Honorable mentions go to my favorite sunglasses from LOFT and my Danner boots - Art got me these for Christmas a couple years ago, and I wear them to hike whenever the opportunity presents itself. They are badass boots and also so cute! You may recognize them from the movie Wild. 

4 | I wore this to: chill at the Glacier Park LodgePriya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| hat: Cedar Key, FL | | tank: Old Navy | joggers: CRZ Yoga | shoes: Chacos |

I never considered myself a "Chaco person", but if there's anything better than taking off your hiking boots after a long ass hike and changing into Chaco's...I haven't found it. Thank you to my dear friend, Renae, the original Chaco lover, for this gift! More than I love fashion, I love being perfectly dressed for a situation and Chacos for a National Park Trip are ittttt. You can see my love letter to these joggers above. And this tank top is very old and random but I think it's so cute for adventuring!

5 | I wore this to: hike to Two Medicine LakePriya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| hat: Cedar Key, FL | tank: Lululemon | shorts: CRZ Yoga | boots: Danner | 

On this day, we saw a moose. But more about that later! Great comfortable hiking outfit, no notes.

6 | I wore this to: dinner at Cafe Kandahar!Priya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| kerchief: Clifton+Leopold | earrings: Amazon | romper: J.Crew | clogs: Swedish Hasbeens | hair: hiking braids after 3 days | 

One of just a couple "real" outfits I packed for Art's birthday dinner at Cafe Kandahar at Whitefish Lodge. This was such a great night! Art actually picked this romper out for me...and I'm sorry if that's SO cringe but occasionally he will just add things to his online order for me. He said, "I could see you wearing this around Glacier!" and that level of thoughtfulness and attention to detail is literally what started our relationship. Anywayyyy, this romper made me feel like a Park Ranger off-duty. 

7 | I wore this to: hike to Lake + bop around Many Glacier Hotel Priya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| hat: Cedar Key, FL | tank: Old Navy | shorts: Lululemon | boots: Danner |

After a few back to back big hikes, this was more of a chill day where we took a shorter hike and hung around the Many Glacier Hotel. No outfit notes but I do really love these Lululemon shorts for activities!

8 | I wore this to: hang at Whitefish LakePriya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| kerchief: Clifton+Leopold | sunnies: LOFT | swimsuit: Walmart | shoes: Chacos |

If you haven't heard, Walmart is a great place for affordable and trendy swimsuits! This was our last full day in the Glacier area and my priorities were: find a place to swim! Shout-out to my Clifton+Leopold kerchief (I don't leave home without one of these either!) This limited edition print was so fun and perfect for pairing with a swimsuit. Pretty sure we still have some available.

9 | I wore this to: go out in Whitefish, MontanaPriya the Blog Glacier Outfit Round-Up

| top: LOFT | jeans: LOFT | shoes: Swedish Hasbeens | clutch: European Wax Center (lol) | phone case: Casetify |

I'll never know why we decided to go out on the town in Whitefish, Montana the night before we had to drive back to Seattle...but it sure was fun. These jeans have been a decent favorite recently and this was a rare occasion where I could wear this sweater top - warm enough but not humid to where I'd be sweating in it (hello Nashville.)


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