warmer weather wear

Friday, June 29

   This is my first official summer in Nashville. And boy, is it hot hot hot. The highs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow are 106, 108, and 107, yes, that is in degrees! I try my best to dress however I want despite the weather, especially because I'm in a climate controlled (read: cold) office all day, but even a short time outside can be brutal in this weather if you're not dressed correctly (I know because I sat at the bus stop for about 18 minutes the other day and absolutely melted).
   So here's what I wore yesterday (not to the office, I keep it approp) but when I got home and was ready to throw on something to make me feel a little cooler.
    This dress belongs to my friend Julie. It looks somewhat fancier, maybe Urban Outfitters, but it's actually a gem from Target! My favorite part is the peekaboo in the back. Putting on my straw hat (that has gotten a lot of action lately) felt perfect in the sun, my gladiators strike again, and if you're wondering "Are those dragonfly earrings?" The answer is YES. My sister Galina got those for me in the Cayman Islands a few years ago.
    The most comfortable thing for me to wear (well...ever) is a dress, especially in the heat. Wearing pants or even shorts can be stifling and not so comfortable, but dresses are like having a built-in AC unit.

What is your go-to outfit for hot weather? We've got more days like this ahead and I'd love some ideas!

Looking forward to a lovely summer weekend, hope yours is (pleasantly) warm and fun!

Viva las happens in vegas baby!

Wednesday, June 27

In case you're wondering, I did in fact combine all the cliches about Vegas to make my title.

   What a weekend. Being with my sisters is some of the craziest fun I can imagine. Galina & Carina both have their own eccentric personalities, and I like to think of myself as the perfect hybrid of both of them, so we all balance nicely. A few times this weekend I found myself thinking, I can't be having this much fun with them, they're not even my best friends, they're my sisters. Well...insert tear-jerking sister quote here. 

   And Vegas, wowww. From the moment I stepped off the plane I felt like star (maybe it was my fab travel outfit, idk) the feeling continued from taxi to taxi, staying at Mandalay Bay, checking out all the amazing hotels (my favorite part), eating at ritzy restaurants, that city is 100% over the top. 
The only airport with slot machines. 
Galina decorated the room as soon as we arrived, and I sported those birthday beads all weekend. 
This is where we stayed. You guys. FAB.

We had 4 beautiful days.
Is this picture inapprop? I got a tan.
One of my favorite parts was honestly getting to see all the hotels. Each one is like a separate neighborhood in Disneyland.
Excalibur, fit for Princess Priya.
Monte Carlo.
 The Bellagio, keeping it classy.
New York, New York.  

And three fabulous nights (fake eyelashes included).
And some serious makeovers.
Rocking the birthday beads (and a dress with sleeves, read: bug bites) the first time I saw the strip lit up at night! 
Night two: I absolutely went Katy Perry with loooong eyelashes and pink lipstick and Carina's fab romper. And I kinda loved it.
Carina dubbed this dress as "not 'Vegas' enough", but I thought I would rock it (I already have the quirky bangs and love of red lipstick) on our last night! Borrowing clothes (and wedges!) from the girl who taught me about fashion = always a good idea. I loved this ensemble. And couldn't resist a little photo shoot in the hall. 

We cracked each other up in that special sister way; listening to Justin Bieber, learning our "Rules of Vegas", making new friends, familiarizing ourself with haters, making fun of Carina being a little peanut, and generally being Pappuma's.
A fantastic birthday present. Now accepting applications for my next trip to Vegas. 

cupcakes & Paris, Like Crazy

I think I could appeal to every female in the blogosphere single-handedly with that title.

Two really nice things happened first this morning to set off a great day. First, I opened a letter I had gotten from my friend, Katie, and look what it had inside!
    When I was in SLO, we went to Katie's favorite stationary etc. store where they had a little fish-bowl full of these cute pins. I enjoy pins (a picture of my hipster "Pony Express" bag with pins on it sometime soon) and I also adore anything cupcake. Naturally, we scoured the entire bowl looking for the cupcake pin (even dumping in on the counter...sorry lady). We couldn't find it! I settled for a bike pin instead (makes me sound like a snob, I like the bike pin too).
   I realize that may be an uneccessary long story to explain this pin but I just want you to feel the joy I did when I opened her letter and found this inside! I seriously have the sweetest group of friends, thank you Katie! I have never had any desire to actually wear a pin on my person, but I'm tempted to leave that little cupcake hanging out on my pocket all day.

   Second, as I was coming into the office, absolutely rocking 2 day old bedhead, a guy that works here whom I sometimes share a conference room with said "Well hello! Your hair looks awesome. I don't know what you do to it, but it looks like you just stepped out of a salon." It was so sweet (and how do I put this...he is old. And basically like a bodyguard to the company's partners, so he was not hitting on me whatsoever). It was a genuinely nice compliment that put a little pep in my step.
   Also, this morning Hunter dropped me off to work and said "You look nice." He's pretty much like my dad when it comes to making comments about what I'm wearing/how I look (so...he likes me but doesn't really say anything about that) so I was tickled that he noticed. Granted, I did take him on as my style council last night and he wanted to make a point that the outfit he helped pick out looked nice. This explains the cotton solids :)

   Another interesting thing, I know I mentioned I wouldn't talk about Vegas ever again (still working on sorting my pictures & stuff) but this morning as I got my mug out for tea, I thought to myself, well that looks like the hot air balloon outside the Paris hotel. You guys. The mug is from Paris Las Vegas that I thought was fab and wanted to go inside and stay in so bad!!
How very exciting indeed. 
Last thing, I made Hunter watch Like Crazy with me last night. I am the kind of person that cannot watch a movie again for awhile after I watch it because I get bored. But I had just watched it Thursday on the the way to...the airport. I was really really taken by it and wanted to watch it again.
 photo likecrazy_zps9e14aefe.jpg
image via
Rather than fight adamantly against its' haters (my housies) I just want to say a few things about why I was so mesmerized by it.
1. Felicity Jones is stunning and cool. I realized after I saw the movie that I had just clipped some pictures of her out of an old Glamour thinking "She is so cute & how I want my bangs to be." I thought her performance was really amazing.
2. The film is low-budget (she did her own hair + make-up), independent (won Grand Jury prize at Sundance), and raw (they improvised most of the dialogue) which makes it feel so real. It's not a fast-moving, brainless, rom-com. The beauty of it is in the simplicity of everything. The characterization and filmography all felt subtly poignant.
3. I genuinely related to many of the emotions and scenes in the film, which made me really connect with it when I was watching. 
4. The movie ends in a choose-your-own-adventure kinda way, which normally I hate, but since the rest of the film was somewhat ambiguous, it felt fitting. I wish strongly it actually ends one way, but feel like it ends another. You can decide for yourself.

   Anyway, sorry to sound weird and artsy and deep (I am a not a film critic by any means). I would totally recommend watching it and would love to hear your thoughts!

Also, check out the soundtrack. I really really loved the music. There's some beautiful, melancholy piano (from the original score) as well as some really hip, fun songs. 

Totally did not intend to get so deep on a Wednesday morning! I'll probably go read Yahoo OMG! for a while to balance myself out. Have a fab day! 

a little bit of outfit

Monday, June 25

As I recover from Vegas and enjoy being in Nashville again. And man, it feels good to be back!
The shadows were being really feisty today.
This, ladies and gentlemen is case in point of why I had to borrow my sister's clothes the entire time I was in Vegas. Because I love chambray, and gingham, and moccasins. 
I love moccasins! How cute are these darlings, Target circa 2009? Things that make me feel like Pochahontas: cliff-jumping. Paper bag vests. These moccasins.

Thanks to my roomie whom I genuinely miss while I'm away for taking these pictures.

   I could not have asked for a nicer day, yes I remember why I love being here. I got to go in to work after my "boss" took me out for lunch (after sleeping in...yessssss) work for a few hours that felt exciting and new, inadvertantly run into my housie at the grocery store (also got propositioned by a nice guy...who promised to look me up on Facebook) where he was buying food to make us all dinner (complete with a very Pinterest-y fruit salad), and then hang out with some of my very best friends. I love you guys. I also love run-on sentences.

   I think this is going to be a really fantastic week! Hope yours started off well too! (I also promise that as soon as I actually get to do a Vegas post I'll never mention it again :) How funny is it that a emoticon within a parenthese is a genuine grammatical quandry these days?! C'est la vie

a little bit of Vegas to hold you over

Saturday, June 23

Until I get back and do my real Vegas post.

I don't go on a whole lot of vacations (I consider "trips" to be a different thing entirely. And I don't go on tons of those either) so when I do it always feels a little bit unreal. Las Vegas has seemed very very unreal. It honestly is probably what I dreamed it would be and more.

We've been doing a lot of this:

And a lot of this:
I was definitely not prepared for how amazing the Las Vegas strip really looks at night!

We still have time for a little more fun, but look for another post when I return!

Hope everyone is having a really fab weekend! 

Little things I really appreciate:

Wednesday, June 20

- paying in exact change
- using all my groceries before they go bad
- when I can wear shoes from high school that are still relevant
- also that elephant print is SO in right now (though, it's always been in for me, Indian, hello)
- and when my friends send me jewelry that they make (bracelet- Rachel Morrison designs)

Still working on that "bug-bitten chic" fashion, because y'all I look like a leper. Could not be more untimely as this is in my near future...

mandalay bay - Google Search
I. Am. Freaking. Out. 

Not a bad work week at all ;)

weekend musings on a miserable Monday

Monday, June 18

   Am I being dramatic? It was a wonderful weekend. I had a blast seeing Hunter again, being with friends, and playing outside all day. I don't have the "weekend's over back to work blah Monday" blues, I just want to say one tiny thing and that's all about why I am miserable: at some point on Saturday, I got eaten alive, and I am COVERED from my face to my feet (literally) with bug bites. All of my other problems seem to be fallout from that. To me, this is the perfect(ly terrible) combination of being uncomfortable and insecure. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so itchy and restless, so now I'm just grumpy, and I look terrible or diseased, so I wanted to wear something that would completely cover my entire body. Which is nearly impossible, not to mention the high of 91 today. Yeah, it's the pits. Life's not always fun and games around here folks, there's a very real, un-glam peek into my life.
   That being said, some pictures from this weekend (and last, because that never happened) when we went cliff-jumping at a quarry (because I am a daredevil. NOT. Totally not. Absolutely not. I can barely get myself to jump off the baby cliffs. It just doesn't make sense in my mind).
But you cannot beat that view! 
This was the day I was smart and safe and just watched.

And this has got to be the most quintessential "SUMMER" picture ever and I love it.
   Saturday I did challenge myself to new heights (pun) by jumping off a 40-footer. But I was shaking like a leaf. And thinking about it is making my palms sweat. Luckily, I had my roomie by my side and a bunch of other supportive friends. After the quarry we were tired and famished and headed to our pal Dave's house, where his mom prepared this amazing Southern feast for us. "Hit the spot" has a new meaning in my book, it was fab.

A few more from Saturday:
I realized I needed some hot pink lipstick to go with my amazing new earrings (thanks Shel!). I settled on Fuchsia Fever Colorsensational by Maybelline. Although I shouldn't say "settled" because it exceeded my expectations and I felt like an 80's GODDESS.
She rocks. 
   This picture is hilarious. I'm about to write a book called "When Selfies Go Wrong" and this will be the cover. How did we mis-aim so horribly? Why is this guy hard-core photo-bombing? And so gung-ho out and about even on crutches! I always wonder about randos that end up in my pictures. Chances are, I've (purposely and un-purposely) bombed quite a few stranger's pictures. Do they wonder about me? I should avoid being so philosophical on a Monday morning.
   This picture's purpose is quadfold. First, continuing my quest to use every mug in the office, today's mint tea is brought to you by the National Park Trust. Second, it shows that I am sad. Third, I am sporting new bangs after I trimmed them myself! Another thing I accomplished this weekend! Fourth, it shows the beginnings of my bizarre, attempt to cover my welted body, maxi dress tucked under a button-up, outfit. I would do a fashion post but I am just too confused.

   I already feel less grumpy after writing and making fun of myself. Two more funny, work-related things: Friday, so excited for the weekend and to see Hunter, I locked myself in a stairwell. And Robby the security guy had to come rescue me. This morning, I headed to my usual conference room, propped the door open and stood grumpily, only to look into the eyes of an ENTIRE ROOM FULL of people watching a presentation. Uhh...sorry guys.

Currently listening to Bon Iver as to calm myself.
Countdown to Vegas: 3 days.

So, today I would love your: thoughts on fuchsia lipstick, comments on my self-haircut, and "Bug-Bitten Fashion" tips.