21 in 21!

Tuesday, July 31

   Hello everyone! Today I've decided to participate in a little linky activity created by Erin at Living In Yellow: namely, 21things I would like to do in the 21st year of my life. I love listing ANYthing, and especially checking things off my list, so I'll probably enjoy this just as much as you do. Without further ado, I present my list:

1. Graduate from college.
2. Remember all my close friends/family's birthdays.
3. Not quit this blog.
4. Stay active by: running, Zumba, raquetball, biking, walking, Aerobics, etc.
5. Stay healthy by: actually thinking about what I eat, getting my veggies/fruits, not binging on dessert.
6. Take a homeless person out to lunch.
7. Visit a new state.
8. DIY something that actually looks good.
9. Take a weekend trip somewhere new with Hunter.
10. Bake some amazing cupcakes.
11. Read a book a month (including some that have been on my list for a loooong time).
12. Focus on being happy as myself & in the present.
13. Be a hostess and a waitress.*
14. Clean out my closet! And actually get rid of things I don't need!
15. Be a diligent pen pal to several of my friends back home.
16. Spend a day not making any plans and enjoy what happens.
17. GET A CAR.
18. Ride my bike more often (I realize the irony).
19. Decorate my first house and make it AWESOME.
20. Learn to make Indian food from my mom.
21. Go on a road trip.

   A little something to remember myself by. Yes, that is a No Parking sign, yes, I do live in a garage. 

   OH and to explain the asterisk above: since I last wrote, I got a new job!! I went looking Monday afternoon in my new neighborhood for a hostess/waitress position (something I have always wanted to do!). Amazingly I walked into one restaurant with my resume, and left with a hostess job! I'm starting this Friday night and I am actually really excited for it! 
   I would love to hear some things on your list for this year! Those of you bloggers, be sure and link up your list as well!

bored in Bus Cas

Monday, July 30

    Happy Monday, dear blogging friends! As far as life goes, I am pretty happily content after a fun but relaxing weekend. Why is it that I physically cannot keep my eyes open after like 10:30 anymore? Talk about embarrasing! I don't want to be old!
   As far as fashion goes, to be honest, I am getting really bored of the Bus Cas lifestyle and I think I'm at my wit's end with skirts for a while. I'm READY for fall: cooler weather, leaves, teacups, sweaters, tights, and pants! Remember those?
top-Aeropostale, skirt- J.Crew, sandals- Old Navy
   As long as we're sharing embarrasing stories: I must confess I do NOT own a chambray shirt and this is my roommate's. I am prepared for you to dis-own me as a fashion blogger. Of course, I want one, but I think I've just stressed myself out about finding one. And oh, I've found one, it's just that it costs $80 and is from J.Crew and is probably not happening. Maybe on my last paycheck. 
   This is Hunter's first time ever taking pictures for me and I must say, he did a great job! I don't know why he was so nervous, because he's the real model in this relationship. I never actually walk around with my hand like this, but he suggested it, and I think it looks so "casually demonstrating my pocket while looking semi-sultry and like an inquisitive fashion blogger contemplating how to remix this outfit". Now that I found a photographer that actually likes me, I'm gonna milk it!
   Found these shoes at Old Navy like 3 years ago and they were a completely random purchase. They have more than compensated for their $7 on clearance price tag. 
   I like how I thought to myself, "What in the world can I even say this morning on my blog? I have nothing to say." But then I remembered that I could talk about literally anything in the world. Notice I didn't say "talk intelligently" or "about something you might actually care about". 
   Oh, were you looking for another cupcake picture? None today, although I do have one packed in my lunch! I was about to have to re-name this blog "Perfectly Cupcakes." Actually that is adorbs. Permission granted for someone to use that.
   I've got just about 3 weeks left of my internship, and would love it if you had some dressing for work/Bus Cas tips so I can shake up my wardrobe without dying of boredom/buying all new stuff! Hunter and I actually did a little shopping yesterday but all I got was a birthday present for a very lucky sister. Otherwise, I'm proud of myself for not caving in even though I was lusting over EVERYthing. 
   That's probably enough for now. I've got just a few things on my to-do list for today: work, my roommate comes back (!), look for a job in my new neighborhood, get a library card, work for a few at Donut Den. Should be a decent day. Thanks for reading everyone!!

Guest Post: Rachel!

Sunday, July 29

   Things are getting serious around here folks. I have a big fancy blog, with my first official GUEST POST from my friend Rachel! Rachel doesn't even have a blog, so she's not trying to promote anything. She is purely writing because she loves me and I told her she could.
   But first, a little background on our friendship.
   Rachel and I became friends our freshman year of high school, pretty much because our lockers were close together (by last name, Morrison & Pappu). Early on in the year, Rachel made a bracelet in home groups that didn't fit her/I just tried it on and didn't give it back. Well Rachel, it was a great investment because I still wear it, to this day, all the time.
   Since that time, I have recieved two more bracelets from Rachel and our friendship grows ever still; from Algebra 2, to San Luis Obispo, to picnics in the park.
 Rachel & I, then
and now.

Without further ado, I present to you: Rachel's Guest Post!
   "Helllooo Priya’s blog followers! So Priya practically begged me to write a blog post for her, knees to the floor, hands clasped BEGGING me to post a blog. Not even kidding. Well kind of.  So I gave in and here I am.  I’m Rachel, her Californian friend, wardrobe accessorizer, and locker mate.  Priya and I have been friends since the wee ages of 14 and let me tell you was she one wild teenager.
   But anyways, a few days ago I was feeling like using the enormous amount of random scraps of wood from my garage, and I did. And made something with all of them. I like it too, wish usually doesn’t happen with my craft attempts. Here it is!
   So heres what I did! I found all these different types of wood and cut them down to roughly the same size, all about 2 feet long. I found 4 different paint colors, pretty much all shades of brown. Then went to town painting and mixing paints on my garage floor. 45 minutes later, with painted hands, floor, and clothing, I was satisfied with the color of each separate wood piece. I had previously bought a stencil at Michael's, and decided to put it to use and stencil a verse on the different pieces of wood. I used the stencil for the smaller pieces and free hand on larger pieces to mix it up a bit. Then I attempted to glue gun all the pieces together, VERY unsuccessfully. Two burnt fingers later I decided to nail wood across the back  to connect all of the pieces, which was a success. Lastly, just attached some wire across the back and its now safely  hanging above my desk and reminds me that sometimes the things that get left to die in the garage can be used to make a piece of art.
   Seems like that may be true for a lot of things in life.  The verse is one of my favorite’s since I saw it tatooed on a friends foot a few years ago. Kind of puts life in persepctive and reminds me that sometimes the best thing is to not do anything and let the big guy take care of it.
Here’s an old picture I thought I would throw in just for K’s and G’s.  Isn’t she adorable?
Love you Priya and everyone who reads this, because you are obviously smart and know a good blog when you see one.

   I love her, and you for reading my blog! This brings me to say, if you've ever felt a burning desire to write a guest post on my blog, I would love to have you! Here's the criteria: are you reading this right now? If the former applies to you, then you are eligible!
   Samesies for if you are looking for someone to guest post on your blog. It would be my honor. I always have plenty to say, in fact, probably way too much for this blog to handle.
   Feel free to email me any inquiries, compliments, jokes, etc. at: pappupa@mail.lipscomb.edu.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Hope everyone is soaking up every last minute of this weekend!

OH, and because I realize my last two posts had cupcakes in them somewhere, I had to include this:
My new favorite place is The Painted Cupcake (next to my house) and the other day Hunter bought me a half-dozen babycakes. Boy knows the way to my heart.

Olympic Party!

Saturday, July 28

   Last night I decided the amount of information I know about the Olympics is shameful as an American. Because, I don't know how many rings/what color/WHY there are, some Olympic sports are news to me (Shooting? Canoeing?) and ditto on some countries in the world (Cape Verde? Tuvalu?).
   Here is embarassing proof of my lack of Olympic knowledge. So we threw an Olympic kick-off party to watch the opening ceremony last night. My outfit has little to do with the Olympics. I originally wanted to do something American/Finnish/Indian (as I am racially confused) but then I ended up just repping Finland (because I just secured my dual-citizenship) and...gingham and red lipstick? That's American right? Well, I am wearing a giant gold medal.
    Susan made us American-themed cupcakes, and I love her for that. 
 My housemates even came! Loved that they wore their jerseys. 
 My Dithy and the streamers that our friend Jeff helped me put up. Theme parties bring out the decorator in all of us!
 Team USA, Ashley and Hunter.
 This is my favorite picture of the night. 
 Well, the blue one is correct. 1/6 is not bad.
My USA/TN flag (for those of you who aren't familiar, the TN flag is red with a blue circle with three white stars). 

   And how about that opening ceremony? Pretty cray. I'm not sure if it was British humor or what, but I had trouble following pretty much every "musical number". The best part was probably when Voldemort fought an army of Mary Poppins. I suppose it was a celebration of all things British; and it is their opening ceremony, so they are entitled.
   I have to be honest, my favorite part is watching the countries parade in with all their Olympians in the matching & themed outfits. I saw some pretty sweet traditional and classy wear! The Olympic outfit I would most like to wear is a tie between the yellow saris of India and the forest green blazers of Australia. 

   I saw this on Facebook today and thought it accurately summed up the Queen's attitude during the ceremony:
The announcers kept saying she has a "dry sense of humor". I see it.

   Olympic mania is totally here, yay! I'll be rooting for Finland, India, and the USA of course. Looking forward gymnastics especially (because I am a girl) and synchronised swimming.
   And for all of those wondering with me, India has won a total of 9 gold medals in their Olympic career (in field hockey and shooting).

Sugar Rush!

Friday, July 27

   As I've blogged about before, I have the joy, honor, and pleasure to work at Donut Den on occassion.   Especially since I don't work mornings anymore (and therefore avoid the 4:30 wake-up call) I love the job. I worked for a few hours on Monday night and Doc (Dr. Fox who owns/manages the Den) asked me if I could work an event that Donut Den was participating in called Sugar Rush.
Sugar Rush_360x360.jpg
   Sugar Rush is basically a fair and competition for sweet treateries all over Nashville. I have a personal weakness for bake sales of any kind and this was a FREE bake sale and I got to promote Donut Den! Count me in! 
   It was fun manning the Donut Den booth and trying to convince people to vote for us, but let's be real, I LOVED going around to visit/meet/sample the other vendors. 
Goo Goo Cluster was my neighbor to my right, and the Whole Foods Bakery was to my left. Those girls were so sweet and slipped me pieces of the flourless chocolate tort (adore).

   I made friends with the girl working Jeni's ice cream and hooked her up with a fritter and some donut holes, she gave me a sampler of all the flavors they had. I tried Salty Caramel, Chocolate Cayenne Pepper, Brambleberry Crisp, and one that was white (I'm not gonna lie I don't even know what it was). Totally unique and delicious flavors! Jessica had blogged about Jeni's recently and was absolutely right, it is super good!

 I signed up for a giveaway at Tipsy Treats (I don't really think this is allowed) and grabbed a red velvet cuppycake, not realizing the concept behind these cupcakes. All the flavors are alcohol-infused and include Irish Car Bomb, Mojito, Strawberry Daquiri, and Mason-Dixon Manhattan (what I had, red velvet with Jim Beam Bourbon and Southern Comfort). Talk about a niche! I think it's absolutely brilliant, and the cupcakes were delicious! 
    I didn't actually try these, but bacon was absolutely on-trend for the night!
 This was from Diana's Sweet Shoppe, an old-fashioned candy store on Broadway. I've never actually seen it before but now I'm determined to find it! Who doesn't want to eat a giant swirly lollipop?
 I loved visiting The Cupcake Collection, which is a delicious family owned shop who won Sugar Rush last year and (surprise) won again this year. They totally deserve it, the owners are sweet people (who frequent Donut Den! I packed them up two fritters) who make amaaaazing cupcakes. I had the red velvet, surprise again. 
 It was so nice to talk about my passionate love for B&J's Half-Baked and Phish Food with people who actually understand me and prepared me a little sundae.
 I didn't actually try these but I had to get a picture because they are adorable (called "Bundtini"s I am dying) and I think "Nothing Bundt Cakes" is the cutest name for a bakery ever.
 And of course the good ole Donut Den.
 Me reppin' hard. I may or may not have been photographed by someone from the Nashville Scene. Hoping to make it big in the next issue!
 We didn't have bells and whistles (or alcohol, baby cakes) just delicious donuts. And stickers.
 Oh AND for the first time in Donut Den history, Maple bacon donuts! I was very concerned, but had to try them both. Surprisingly not disgusting, although pretty weird and not necessarily what I would eat for fun. 
I helped myself to several donuts as well, of course. 

   It's always fun to rub shoulders with high-society Nashville while I'm stuffing my face with ice cream and cupcakes, for free. For the first time in my life, I got a little sugared out so I'm laying low for a while...however I will totally be having some red white & blue cupcakes at our Olympic Party tonight.

Wishing you all a very safe, happy and SWEET weekend! Thank you for reading!

wearing my hearts on my...vest

Wednesday, July 25

   I am confidently anchored in things that actually matter, like reading good books and helping people, so I can admit: I love anything heart-shaped, or with hearts on it. 
dress- H&M, earrings- F21, vest- Urban, wedges- Bakers

   If you ever see this dress at an H&M, run, do not walk. My always stylin' sister told me this was one of her go-to pieces, and now I know why! It's extremely versatile, comfortable, and looks a little fancy with the full skirt. I would wear black head-to-toe everyday, but it gets a little boring. This vest borrowed from this dress:
   That I absolutely adore but can't wear all THAT often (because how can you forget it?). This picture is from Hunter's "basketball themed" birthday this past year. Yes, that cake is a basketball. Anyway I decided to detach the vest and wear it over my dress and I'm pleased as punch with how it turned out!
This is my favorite hairstyle for when I pretend like I'm going to style my hair. Works best on 2 (or 3, or 4) day old hair that you can tease, and I always wrap a little piece around the pony so it looks extra fancy. The best part about it? With enough bobby pins, YES it can make it through a Zumba class!
Yes I take every opportunity that I can to wear red lipstick (like a responsible fashion blogger).
And these are my new brown wedges that I picked up in Vegas!
Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you all are having a very fantastic week so far!

extreme makeover: clubhouse edition

Tuesday, July 24

   Working on this clubhouse in Jackson has replaced mystery shopping and making lunches as my favorite thing I've done in my internship this summer. I loved every part of it; seeing the before & after, getting to unload and unwrap items, deciding how & where to place them, and especially searching & shopping to pick stuff out. It certainly got me excited and ready to decorate my house when I move in (SOON)!

I present to you the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:
i LOVE white wooden furniture. This table from Pier 1 was one of my favorite things!
I spray painted this gold mirror purple! Who woulda thought? It's totally transformed!
A detail shot from the manager's office. I adore that little table set-up, how gorgeous are those flowers?
Susan picked out houndstooth, green, and purple as the main palette which I thought was fantastic!
There are so many little neat things in this bookshelf, now including a TV, hey-o!
The mantle was my little project that I am really proud of. We found that mirror at Hobby Lobby!
The NEW kitchen set-up, because who doesn't want to sit in a plush purple armchair and enjoy life?!
This piece is seriously a winner. Susan hot-glued that darling flower on the lampshade, genius.
A few more detail shots because I can't resist.
I need those floral chairs. And how cute is our little planter box? I did the moss on those!
 Another one of Susan's brilliant ideas, a "name the Moose" contest!
 More "white wooden furniture from Pier 1" that I love!
Here's my partner in crime, even supplying matching aprons?! She's the best.

   Sorry for the picture overload, I was just genuinely jazzed about everything and wanted to show it off! Interior decor seemed a lot more intimidating and out of reach for me before last week. Now I realize, even a little paint and some detail pieces can make a HUGE difference in decorating your space! I would love to hear any decor tips you have as I prepare to move into a new place!