weekend update: in 3, 2, 1

Monday, October 28

[FRIDAY] three- Miley Cyrus costume components that this Chiquita Banana Lady lost a costume contest to (Hunter is a "Hunter")
[SATURDAY] two- bagel/wiches & coffees from Breuggers in sweats proceeding college football
[SUNDAY] one- Natalie Lynn coloring, pancakes, and TeenNick filled afternoon

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! There's mine in three parts.

Last weekend was actually: my last weekend unemployed, hooray! Wednesday I will start a real, adult, post-college career as an Office Coordinator at an email marketing company. I'm super excited to move on to what feels like the next phase of life, and a regular schedule! I wanted to share this with everyone following along with perfectly Priya, thank you for your kind words in my career-hunting days! 

Monday & Tuesday are now the last two days before the rest of my life, aka squeeze in everything else I wanted to do while unemployed. Cheers! 

happy birthday Coren!

Friday, October 25

Coren's graduation from nursing school, May 2012

My brother Coren had a birthday (okayyy, yesterday)!

When I think of Coren, I think of two things: my entire family laughing so hard around the table, and music of all kinds.

Since my family is so big, we can rank (even to third place) things like "funniest", "smartest", "slowest". Coren has won the funniest category for as long as I can remember, and I'm told it's been since he learned to talk (because then Galina's funny days were oh.ver.). I can't describe his sarcastic, witty humor, that's also very smart and peppered with South Park and various movie quotes. His random funny catchphrases and memories of myself and the twins when we were younger have become laughs for our entire family.

I've told several people that the first music video I ever saw was Weezer's Buddy Holly, and I'm pretty sure that was because of Coren. I have so many memories of sitting between my older brothers in the backseat of our van as they listened to their walkmans together. It was driving with Coren to school in 6th grade (he dropped me off, sometimes across the street from my middle school, on his way to high school) that exposed me to rock and alternative for the first time ever, we listened to channel 104.9 every single day. Even now hearing old Maroon 5, Pearl Jam, or Smashing Pumpkins takes me back to riding in his little teal car, thinking I was the coolest driving to school with my older brother. And since then, as recently as two days ago, he sends me music that he knows I will love. Coren is also an awesome self-taught musician and I love being home and getting to hear him jam with Tarif and play covers where I get to sing sometimes!

Apart from my two strongest memories, Coren has worked super hard over the past few years to become an RN. I'm so proud of him! He always has good, (usually funny), methodical advice to give over the phone. I'm really thankful to have a brother that is equally wise and compassionate.

Coren, happiest of birthdays to you! I love you! 

Hunter Green

Monday, October 21

I would like to start off this post by saying- I know I'm not actually wearing Hunter Green. But this button-up was stolen/secretly borrowed from Hunter; clever, I know!
earrings- F21, button-up- Hunter's, blazer- Jacqui's, belt- from Shel, jeans- F21, boots- Nashville Flea, purse- giveaway win from Sloppy Joe's Vintage 
It's also the most natural selection for a menswear inspired look: a button-up stolen from a boyfriend or brother (both of which I have used). The nice thing about borrowing from the boys is the fit is a bit over-sized, perfect over leggings and belted, or comfortably tucked in. 
I experimented with this look twice this weekend, once for work on Friday night, and for church on Sunday morning. Basically Sunday morning it was 37 degrees out, so my only thoughts were how can I make this warmer?? Thus, the corduroy blazer was added.
I think I would have frozen in flats, so I also added my cowboy boots, because they were the only pair of boots I already had out. Since Sunday I'm almost halfway through that arduous process of switching the seasons of your closet. Always exciting!
Nashville is thankfully, finally, chilly and cozy. So naturally, our 1920's, oddly shaped, skinny and shaded house is absolutely freezing (so far we've only enjoyed an extreme of temperatures at the Eastside Hotel). It's actually quite mild today, so I'm sitting on the porch in moccasins and a big sweater. There's a bee that keeps trying to hang out with me and I am NOT interested.

In other news, I'm running low on condiments and currently eating a sandwich with Parmesan cheese on it. It's a little strange. 

Linking up with Bri at Work Clothes, I Suppose for Menswear inspired look! 

work to...work

Thursday, October 17

This is the most perfectly of Priya remixes: running from a job interview to my current job! The nice thing about the place I work now is that so long as my toes and shoulders are covered, I can pretty much wear whatever I want. The most comfy and practical thing to wear is a t-shirt, jeans, and Vans, but I like to mix it up with skirts/dresses & flats, just to keep those in rotation in my closet!
necklace- from Renae, blouse- c/o Mom, belt- Francesca's, skirt- Target (circa Soph Year of HS), heels- Marshalls
Interview: I'm not sure if I'm correct in doing so, but I always like my interview/business casual outfits to look profesh, but still fresh (haaaaa). Clothing is an easy way to show off your personality. And really, who wants to hire some one who wears only neutrals?!

This skirt stems from my houndstooth obsession in high school (not in any way associated with UoAlabama). My mom had to hem it because it is from the regular height lady section, but now it's just perfect! Still! After all these years!
Otherwise, red is the perfect complement to houndstooth, the silk blouse is another stolen good/inheritance from my mom, and these are my power pumps. And you can't really tell but the pearls are a really cool matte 80's pair from my dear friend Renae. 

A silk blouse + printed skirt is an easy and always classic business-y look! The only downfall to this is puffy muffin blouse sydrome, pictured above.
t-shirt- Urban Outfitters, belt- J.Crew c/o Carina, skirt- Target, flats- Old Navy
Day Job: I've said before how I will wear a graphic tee with literally anything, but this might be one of my favorite combos. The t-shirt dresses down the skirt, while the skirt is much prettier and put-together than some old jeans. Plus I think the dressy graphic of this shirt goes especially nicely with the whole look. 
This might be the debut of these flats on the blog, gasp! I got them at Old Navy when they had all their flats on sale for $10, a great decision. They are basically the pointy black flats of my dreams, and I've been wearing them non-stop!

I didn't have a belt on initially with this look, but I was amazed at the difference it made. This belt was given to me by my sister because it was "too big on her waist". I don't mind being her "big little sister" at all!

Hope everyone is enjoying a great Thursday! I'm loving sitting indoors with the chill and rain outside (fin.a.lly!). I may even get out my fall/winter clothes, do I dare? Thanks for reading!

weekend update: cheers, columbus!

Tuesday, October 15

Hi everyone! This past week turned into an impromptu blogiatus. Basically I worked everyday last week until my family came into town on Friday, and this weekend was a blur. A wonderful blur. How thankful am I to have siblings sprinkled around the country, to come visit me in Nashville, and make home feel not so far away (and a wonderful boyfriend to help me host them). Here's what went down on this fabulously crazy weekend.
Friday afternoon I went straight from work to pick up Carina from the airport! We headed straight to Barista Parlor for her first taste of East Nashville- the hipster's paradise, then for a walk on the greenway, and then to Whiskey Kitchen for dinner! (Yes, I took Galina there when she visited too, it's a great place!). Locals- get thyself to Barista Parlor and Whiskey Kitchen, asap. Friday night we headed downtown to give Carina her first real Honkytonk experience at Robert's Western World- deluxe.
iMemories (clockwise): our Barista treat, the most beautiful walk, Robert's 'grammed, a smashing band!
Sundar & Amir arrived in town late Friday night, so by Saturday morning, we were all ready to hit the town! The five of us had brunch at Sky Blue Cafe, which was dreamyyy.

Saturday afternoon, the guys took off for their "bro time", and Carina and I hit the road for Kentucky! Carina's friend Heather is from KY, but they worked together in CA, and she was getting married in KY! So we were able to attend the most lovely wedding right at sunset on a farm in Kentucky.
Congratulations Heather & Andrew, and thanks for letting me +1!
clockwise: a pit-stop to find Carina the most perfect vintage Cowboy boots (when in Nashville...), a wonderful Southern menu, and our wedding wear (dress didn't fit like it did in HS).

After a drive back late Saturday night, Sunday we squeezed in everything else possible before Carina flew out in the evening, and then some more!

Activities included but were not limited to: lunch at Taqueria, a haircut for Carina, a tour around 12 South, Jeni's ice cream, the Parthenon, disc golfing, the Pharmacy, and Broadway take 2. Whew.
These three had too much fun playing golf, watching football, and eating BBQ while Carina & I were away at the wedding! 
clockwise: Parthenon hangs, neon lights, sibling sandwich @ the Pharmacy, Huntee making me smile
*I have to give Carina credit for some of these instagrammed shots!

And so, this is why I have not been anywhere near a blog recently! This weekend went by way too fast, but I'd say we made the most of it (aaaand that's in the running for most cliche sentence of all time). But really, trying to show someone (or three someones) the best of Nashville in one weekend is a challenge! One that I took upon myself gladly.

I completely enjoyed an entire weekend off work! So now it's back to that [part-time] grind. And the usual life stuff. Also, lots of laundry. 

once upon a fair

Monday, October 7

I realize it's been a loooong time since I've posted anything other than an outfit post! And that's ok! I do love having a blog as a record for that, not to mention getting SO inspired by lots of other lovely ladies. However, since wearing clothes isn't the only thing I do, I always want to include the other bits of my life. No one will be blogging forever, but I hope perfectly Priya still exists forever so I can remember this time in my life fondly, not to mention show my kids that camo really was in style at one point.

These pictures are way overdue. But honestly it feels like summer is just now wrapping up, so here's one of my favorite memories of it.

Being there as the sun set and the lights came up was, in a [cliche] word, magical.
IMG_2932 2
IMG_2942 2
We visited the Wilson County Fair with our sweet friends Dith and Ryan! I don't think I had truly ever been to a real fair before, mostly because I don't think anyone attends the Santa Clara County fair. Bit of TN wisdom- Wilson County's is supposed to be the best fair.We went all out with the fried food and delicacies of the fair. I had a gigantic bag of cotton candy (which amazingly I wasn't able to stomach like I did when I was a kid), Hunter insisted we get deep-fried Oreos. What can I say, southern boy knows his fried foods. I can't even describe them. It was like a soft warm Oreo inside a donut, and it was incredible.

And then we ate vegetables for the rest of the week.
For all of its' lovelies, TN doesn't have great amusement parks. So, we rode the rides where half the thrill is that it may fall apart as you're riding, until we nearly puked, because otherwise you're not doing it right. And we did it with Wilson County's finest.

A summer memory not soon to be forgotten. Summer 2013, RIP. 

colors of a cowboy cliche

Friday, October 4

I thought it fitting to use some John Mayer lyrics for an outfit post of what I wore to see him in concert. [FYI- the lyric is from "3x5", one of my all-time favorites, off Room For Squares, and though he actually played quite a bit from RFS, 3x5 didn't make the cut :(]

boots- Nashville Flea Market, dress- Target, earrings- NFM, purse- thrifted, sunglasses- (RayBans!!) inherited from work 

Being in Nashville means that cowboy boots are absolutely standard concert wear, and though John Mayer is not country (though, his latest is quite folky) I thought the boots were approp. Really you can never be sure what you'll be walking through at a concert (especially a giant amphitheatre one) so boots are a great idea. Man I love these cowboy boots, which is evident on my blog! For a montage of pictures and outfits in these boots, look here!
I scored this dress earlier in the summer when Target was running amaaazing clearance sales, and decided pretty early on I was gonna save it for the show. It's one of those Target gems that fits just right and is made of nice sturdy material (THAT was a mom comment if I've ever made one!), so it could pass for a J.Crew find with the right sales pitch.

A couple more notes on accessories- these are 1/3 of the kooky sets of earrings I picked up on my last trip to the Nashville Flea Market. It was our anniversary weekend and I had about 10 minutes to sift through a tangled pile of silver, gold, chains and brooches, so my only goal was to make a couple pairs!  I at first thought, ok these are really weird, I wonder if I will every wear them, but I LOVE them. This pair has kinda an Egyptian feel and ties the black & brown together nicely, I thought. 

And my little crossbody- if this has never been on my blog before, I don't believe it! This beauty was a thrifting find in Santa Cruz with my girl Jacqui. She actually encouraged me to buy it, and I hesitated to wear it for a few months (idk why- because I like purses that I can fit my laptop in, I guess) buuttt since then I pretty much use it non-stop. I would like to invest in a trendy orange/blue crossbody purse, but for now, this neutral one works just fine!

I know what you're thinking, I swear I've seen that dress on your blog before, Priya! That's because my bestie Schepy sported it originally for Joanna's wedding in June. And now it's our best friends dress!! I'm not up for any "Who Wore It Better" competitions, because she does look pretty cute...

As for the show/24 hour trip to Atlanta, all my John Mayer dreams came true! He was, as advertised, an amazing performer, not to mention very weird and active in his facial expressions. He mentioned before one set that he hoped it was still feeling a little bit like summer for us...I couldn't have put that better myself. Road-tripping to an amphitheatre show with a sundress on and hot dog in one hand felt like a farewell to a long, sweet summer. Especially because the weather is finally changing around here! 
As for the trip, it was a quick turnaround, and pretty tiring, leaving me a little pooped this week, but I did get a Zaxby's birthday cake shake. Also- Saturday we stumbled onto the set of The Fast and the Furious 7 and saw Vin Diesel #atlantaprobz

Happy Weekend Y'all! 

nyr check: September

Wednesday, October 2

It's that time of the month again (and not that time of the month)! I know this is so cliche and time always moves fast, but September really flew by! I feel like I was just visiting my brothers over Labor Day weekend, and now they'll be in Nashville already next weekend!
September adventures {clockwise}: nights out in Nashville, roomie's bday ambush, road-trip with Huntee, dog-sitting these buddies! 

(If you're interested in viewing the other months, here they are!)
(This is mostly to keep myself in check although you're welcome to share encouragement/criticisms/keep me accountable!)

Here are my resolutions for the year, with my personal commentary for the month added in:
1. Ride my bike more. [I have had some magnificent bike rides in the beautiful end-of-summer beginning-of-fall weather! I haven't explored our Greenway completely yet, but it's a Saturday date waiting to happen. I am completely in love with my new neighborhood, and still have lots to explore!]
2. Send something to my Mummo [Finnish grandma] every month. [This got a bit delayed but I did mail her a postcard from Catalina Island on the 30th. Ooh, Mummo also sent me a postcard which always makes my day, though I have to get my mom to translate it.]
3. Remember all my friends/families birthdays. [September is a busy month for birthdays, with my sister Galina, my friend Rachel, and my Roomie Amanda! Galina and Rachel got bday packages, and Amanda got cupcakes from The Painted Cupcake.]
4. Read a book every month. [...what is it about blogging that makes reading so dang hard? I have new books to read, I truly want to, and I don't. Omg there are literally only 3 months left this year. I need to get with it.]
5. Only buy what I need & get rid of what I don't need [Hmm, I don't think I bought anything this month. Wait, I bought a Virginia is for Lover's t-shirt, does that count? Otherwise, I won a giveaway via Marlen's blog (cannot wait to share the spoils!!), and kept myself in check otherwise!]
6. Be confident. [To be honest, it's been a difficult month in this department. Sometimes the job search is discouraging and otherwise I can't quite put my finger on what has made me feel uninspired but still too busy. I will say that in the past week, I have felt the best I have in a couple months. Maybe some exciting things are around the corner, let's hope!]

Thank you for reading and for making perfectly PRIYA a fun place! I adore each of you readers! 

date night shorts

Tuesday, October 1

necklace- Mexico, tank- H&M, shorts- Target, wedges- Target
Just a couple outfit posts left with throwback hair! I've never been a huge shorts person (or a short shorts person, for that matter) but I picked up these bad boys on a recent random trip to Target. Something about them screamed "date night!" to me, and that's just what I did: met up with Huntee for a flatbread pizza & wine dinner. These shorts made me feel classy, I mean, I even styled my hair.
I can't get enough of the approx. three statement necklaces I own. Throwing one on with a solid tee or dress is a no-fail, easy, fabulous look. I should seriously stage a remix with this one!
Aren't these wedges dreamy?! Pretty sure my sister has the Madewell versions, these are a fraction of the price (and probs the material quality...oh well). If I ever had a doubt in my mind about wearing black and brown together, this solves it. And that is why I love them. Or maybe it's the double strap detailing and burlap-y wedge. For all of these reasons, I love them.
After dinner that night we went to our friend Michael's show.
Hey Michael, you rock!

Ok shorts, you win, I had a fabulous time.