race day, puppies, etc.

     Today has been a laaaazy Sunday. Now reaching the end, I could be reading a book called: Take on the Street- How to Fight Your Financial Future and no surprises, I have chosen to write on my blog.

     Yesterday I was able to channel my inner cheerleader and watch two of my favorite people, my boyfriend and my roommate, kill it in some races!

Bright and early at the Purity Moosic City 5K

I didn't get great pictures because I was screaming my head off, naturally, but here's the start:
                                                   and the finish!
Hunter ran 16:40 (a new road PR) and got 3rd place! He's been working his butt off and I was so proud of him! 

A cow bell for the dairy dash!  
Next I got to watch this lovely lady run an 800 super fast!
Later in the evening we went to Las Palmas for some awesome Mexican food,

Then headed back to Hunter's.

The highlight of the night was: Clyde. Shelby's new Great Dane puppy who was an absolute DOLL and now I have serious puppy envy. Look at this sweetheart
I am in LOVE!!

     And that's a wrap for this weekend! Hope everyone had a good one. Ready for the week?....yeah me neither.



Anonymous said...

you're the coolest person i know. also, Clyde loves you. he told me so.

Priya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priya said...

oh stoppp. and clyde is about to make me drop everything and get a puppy. fo reals

JenaeM said...

Nice shirt. Who ever gave that to you must be a really awesome friend.

JenaeM said...

I was trying to post that as anonymous.... but then I was signed in... so ya...

Priya said...

Didn't you read my post about anonymous comments? Didn't you?! Dude I wear that shirt so much. You don't even know. If I ever start posting links about where my stuff is from I'll be thrifted via Jenae

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