Key West Outfits!

I love packing for a vacation with a specific vibe - Miami & Key West being the perfect example of this! My style for this trip was all about breezy island fashion - bright colors, fun prints, swimsuits, and mostly casual beachy vibes with a few "nicer" options thrown in for celebrations. Oh, and I was all about fun two piece sets! Including a couple that I had purchased for a Florida birthday trip a couple years ago (this fruit set and the palm tree set pictured below.) It always makes me feel good when pieces I purchase for a trip stand the test of time to travel with again. So here's what I wore for on my birthday trip to Key West (more about the trip itself here!)

Night One in MiamiPriya the Blog Key West Outfits!

| hat: Costco! | suitcase: Away | bag: street vendor in India | dress: Madewell | slides: J.Crew via Poshmark |

I wanted to wear something for travel that allowed me to hit the ground running in Miami, since our time was short! I’ll be honest - the perfect, breezy black maxi dress is a hole in my closet. Also how cute are these slides?? They are a random Poshmark find from last year that I’ve loved wearing this Summer!

En Route Miami to Key WestPriya the Blog Key West Outfits!

| hat: Costco | sunnies: LOFT | shirt: borrowed from Art | shorts: Madewell via Poshmark | purse: gift from Christine | shoes: from a local shop in Madrid |

I wasn’t kidding about Costco Sun Hat Summer, ok? This one is great because it’s that “flexible straw” material (work with me) so you don’t have to worry about crushing it when you travel. Art has so many cute patterned button-ups that I love to steal. Still on the hunt for the perfect high-waisted cut off shorts (if you have some you love, let me know!) but these work for now.

Night One in Key West

Priya the Blog Key West Outfits!

| earrings: Amazon | necklace: gift from Galina | jumpsuit: Zara | shoes: Soludos from Carina |

I think in the excitement of arriving to Key West I forgot to snap some “real” outfit photos, so hopefully this one from dinner and the mirror in our B&B will do! I had to wear this tropical jumpsuit in the Keys, it’s the law! This was a random find on a clearance rack at Zara in Spain, that fits me perfectly.

Night Two in Key WestPriya the Blog Key West Outfits!

| tiara & button: thanks Galina! | earrings: Amazon | floral set: LOFT | purse: from Christine | shoes: Soludos from Carina |

I have been on a real LOFT kick, and though some people like to tease me about it, I fell in LOVE with the fun print of this set! It was very hot & muggy in Key West, and I wanted a birthday night out look that was breezy and cool but still comfortable (e.g. not a mini skirt that I was tugging down all night.) This little set is "tailored" high-waisted shorts and a wrap top that fit me like a glove. I'm an XS on bottom and a S on top for reference. Also these rattan earrings have been a favorite accessory all Summer long.

Beach Day at Bahia HondaPriya the Blog Key West Outfits!

| sunglasses: LOFT | suit: Walmart |

For our Beach Saturday at Bahia Honda (more details on that here) I wanted a very fun borderline kitschy swimsuit that fit the Florida vibe. Walmart is a great spot for swimsuits in general, but especially ones where you don't have to feel guilty if you wear them only once. To my delight they seemed to have an entire retro/Miami Vice line, however, this and one other were the only ones that arrived in the mail without being cancelled as a retroactive "out of stock" (fun!) That said - check your local Walmart because clearly I am still thinking about them. I did love this monokini (?) though - not a suit I would ordinarily choose, but so perfect for this trip. This print screams "the wallpaper in your grandma's Florida condo" to me lol. This look was completed by DIY Puff Paint Bucket Hats.

Night Three in Key WestPriya the Blog Key West Outfits!

| tiara & button: thanks Galina! | purse: from Christine | shoes: Soludos from Carina | set: Forever21 | 

Once again, shout-out to the women who furnished me for this trip! Is there anything more Florida than a little two piece Palm Tree set? Thanks Forever21 from like 3 years ago! These shoes that were a cast-off from Carina have probably been my most worn this Summer for "dressed up" occasions. I included Art's outfit in here because I didn't have a picture alone :) but also, he looks cute! Fun fact: he calls this his "vacation shirt" and likes to wear it on Fridays when he works from home. Cutie!

Most of what I'm wearing is old, which is cool! But I've rounded up anything I could find/similar items in this widget below!

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