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Priya the Blog The Sun-bae of Summer
Priya the Blog The Sun-bae of SummerPriya the Blog The Sun-bae of SummerPriya the Blog The Sun-bae of SummerPriya the Blog The Sun-bae of SummerPriya the Blog The Sun-bae of SummerPriya the Blog The Sun-bae of Summer

| purse: Amerii | top: Target | skirt: & Other Stories via Poshmark | earrings: Amazon | kicks: Adidas Stan Smith | 

Another Summer is coming to a close (I always consider Memorial Day and Labor Day to be the unofficial bookends of the season.) How was your Summer? I celebrated my 30th birthday, Art celebrated his 40th birthday (we spent it in Montana - I really want to blog about this trip!) and we also celebrated our one year wedding anniversary after our COVID wedding in 2020

Overall, it's been a good Summer and I'm so thankful for the travel, celebrating, and reuniting with friends and family we were able to do; while things are still not completely back to normal and largely, very heavy. 

While I'm not totally sure how Fall 2021 will look, I'm excited nonetheless! We've had our first burst of cooler weather in Nashville and it's been amaaaazing. I'm ready for all of the magical things that come along with Autumn, and I also have some acting projects around the corner that I am very excited about. If you're interested in following along with that, Instagram is probably the best place!

I'm in the phase of the season where I'm giving myself one last chance to wear anything I haven't so far this Summer, and I'm about to do the critical closet clean-out that I like to do every time I switch my closet out. A few keepers - this fun skirt, a wear-with-everything white cropped tee, and what remains the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned to date - my Stan Smiths! They're my top pick for finishing off most outfits. Three cheers for wearing trainers with everythinggg. 

This skirt was a fantastic Poshmark find from earlier this year. For years, I used Poshmark strictly to sell and not shop (p.s. shop my closet here!) but I've started to make the occasional purchase. It's pretty much the wild west in terms of finding gems, but my one piece of advice is to search by brand! I know I love & Other Stories, and while scrolling through loads of listings, this skirt jumped out at me. I just can't resist a good print, and I don't think that will ever change. This skirt has been a go-to for me this Spring/Summer for a couple festive occasions. Check out my tips for selling on Poshmark in this handy blog post!

The title of this post comes from the spot-on sentiment of this time of year being like the "Sunday of Summer", however, last weekend in California, Sam taught me the term "Sun-bae". Sun-bae, Noun. When your Sunday is a Sunday Funday, it's a Sun-bae. 💕Feel free to add it to your lexicon! 


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