the dog days of Finland

     Today was alot more relaxed, which was fine with me! I went to a Finnish Lutheran service with my mom this morning, which was interesting. The parts she translated to me anyway. 
     We've been playing with my Uncle's dog, Helmi (Pearl) constantly. She is a five-year-old Jack Russel Terrier and super friendly, energetic, and cuddly. As if I didn't already had major puppy envy after Clyde! I've tried to get some good pictures of her, but for a friendly dog she's pretty camera-shy. 
Isn't she cute? My mom, I mean. She adores Helmi. 
Here's mom trying to entice Helmi with her toy rat.
     I've seen SO many different kinds of dogs since I've been here. Part of it is the awesome trails next to the house, but seriously, Finns love their dogs! I took it upon myself to look through an entire Dog Encyclopedia (all in Finnish). True confessions. 
     Besides Helmi, we spent the day with our friends the Kervinens that drove to see us. It was so great to see them, especially my friend Emilia who is in the middle of studying for a medical school entrance exam (physics, chemistry, and biology = my worst nightmare). But she is super smart and going to ACE that test! Thanks for coming guys!
Mom was especially happy to see her two old friends, Visa and Aino-Maija. 
We had chicken curry for lunch, and then went on a walk.

Then came back for coffee time and the best carrot cake ever!
I also enjoyed hanging out with my cousins, Otto and Iida (maybe the feelings are mutual).
And this sums up the rest of our day:

     Tomorrow we fly to Joensuu to stay with my mom's cousin, Marjo. Not really looking foward to getting a plane again...but it will be great to see them. Until then!


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