ohh baby

Meet Aleksi.
And his little brother, Anton.
That's who we've been hanging out with today! This morning we flew from Helsinki to Joensuu to stay with my mom's cousin, Marjo, her husband, Timo, and these two guys! 
 Joensuu holds the World Record for smallest baggage claim in the world. I made that up, but here it is. Ready? Brace yourself. 
 That's the smallest airport I've ever been in! Apparently Aleksi had been waiting for us all day, asking "When are the English girls going to come?" So naturally I wanted to do my British accent all day. Later when we went out, he asked his dad "Why are these girls so beautiful to me?" What a sweetheart. He's a little spark-plug.
This is his favorite picture face. 
Most of you already know how I feel about babies, and if you don't, let me sum it up: I LOVE THEM. And Anton is a complete DOLL.
Mom loved him too. I asked her if it makes her miss having babies and she just said "...No. But I am looking forward to grandkids!" We'll get right on that, mom!
Some more pictures from today:
 We've been eating fantastic food on our whole trip so far, but especially here! Marjo is an amazing cook. Also drinking LOTS of coffee (Fact: Finland consumes the most coffee per capita of any country in the world). I've grown to love coffee time, also I'm a sucker for anything Marimekko. So I was scoping out these napkins, etc. at the market.
 Thats all for now! Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday. 


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Aaaawww, these pictures are adorable! Glad to see you had a great time!


Priya said...

Thank you Marie!

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