a few changes around here

     For starters, I'm blogging to you from Helsinki, Finland! We made it! Second, I've decided to change the layout of my blog. It works a lot better for pictures and looks alot less like "my first blog". Third, these better pictures I speak of are from my NEW camera! I am loving my Canon Rebel and using it obnoxious amounts. Any camera tips are greatly appreciated.

     So after finishing my finals, moving out of a dorm (for the last time) and moving into two houses (this is all on Tuesday), I flew home for about 24 hours.
     Where I waited for my mom to come home from work on the front steps. Even just that little time at home was wonderful, seeing almost my whole family and packing up again for our trip!
      Wednesday at 10:45 am we left the house to fly to Frankfurt, Germany, from San Francisco.
      My only regret so far on this trip is that I didn't make "'00 Reunion Trip" t-shirts (me Carina and my mom made this same trip together in 2000! When I'm home again I'll try and find some pictures from that trip to share).

      We finally took off around 3:30 after a looong delay to our already long flight. Carina said "I'm just gonna drink this now and go to sleep."
     I haven't done much traveling Internationally since the last time I went to Finland in 2006. It was weird to be on a big plane again for such a long time. Additionally I thought we were flying Lufthansa, turns out we flew United. Umm, down-grade. I love flying International Airlines. When I went to India in 2004, we flew Singapore Airlines and everyone had their own personal on-demand TV. I figured that now, 8 years later, this would be standard on all International flights. WRONG. I managed to watch The Vow over several people's heads sitting on two pillows. 
     Instead of eating a delicious entree, we had some strange chicken after they ran out of Vegetarian Indian meals. My other favorite part of foreign airlines is the immaculate themed flight attendant staff. So instead of a menagerie of beautiful accented Asian ladies, we had what seemed to be an open-casting-call for all sorts of Americans: old White people, a gay guy, and a stressed Asian guy. 
     12 hours later and after rescuing an old German woman from the bathroom, encouraging my mom to do her Hippocratic duties, watching my sister's high-strung German neighbor do math for fun, and finishing The Shack and continuing Mockingjay, we arrived in Frankfurt.
     How cute is it that the girl is wearing a tutu?
 We had plenty of time to kill before our flight to Helsinki, so we walked around the airport...
 and Carina and I tried on perfume at the Duty Free shop. 
 Then we finally arrived in Helsinki! We went on a little walk by my Uncle's house (here's Mom and Auntie Paivi).
Oh yes, it is COLD here! There's still snow left! Should have packed more tights, I guess.

     Well I'm deliriously tired, so I apologize for any sentences that don't really make sense. I'm off to bed, as the rain comes down in Helsinki :)


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