Pirjo & Pauli’s 60th Birthday Bash!

Saturday we celebrated my mom’s twin aunt & uncle, Mummo’s youngest siblings, Pirjo & Pauli’s 60th birthday! Everyone got dolled up:
Remember Aleksi & Anton? They’re Pirjo’s grandkids.  
Aleksi broke out blue steel for this one. 

We headed to Polvijarvi, where my Mummo was born and raised. I got to see the actual house where my Mummo was born, and where she lived growing up!
The party was held in an old farmhouse that has been transformed into the swankiest of party venues. There was so much delicious Karelian food (Karelia refers to the Northeast area of Finland where all the action happens). 

Almost all of Mummo’s family was there, so naturally I made them line up for a typical ladies in the chair and husbands behind picture.
Aren’t they cute? I used up my three Finnish phrases to encourage the photo shoot, that’s what prompted the laugher. From left to right: Three of Mummo’s sisters, Pirjo, AIla, and Kaija, and her one brother Pauli. (And their significant others). 
Umm, I had a blast. Karelian’s know how to party and these people are the sweetest. 
Happy Birthday you two!

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