When in Nurmes…

The city where my mom grew up.
I loved hanging out there this past week; eating Mummo’s delicious food, going through my mom’s old stuff (I scored a vase from the 70’s, among other treasures), watching hockey with my Ukki, and looking at old family pictures.
We caught the very end of Winter so the weather was cold and rainy, but we still took a lot of walks and bike rides. The last night Carina and I went out at 9:15 (Finland is crazy north!) and saw the most beautiful sunset.
Lake Pielinen, where my mom used to go to the beach as a little girl.
This was Carina’s bike, that my mom got in the 70’s. Probably one of my favorite pictures of the trip.

 We even got to do a little thrifting, European style. This shop is actually in Nurmes and is called (roughly) the “Corner Find”.
 They even sold some baked goods which is something I’ve never seen!
 Carina and I picked up 2 silk blouses for a few Euros each AND I snagged this awesome vintage strawberry Marimekko shirt (that’s mansikka, for your Finnish word of the day).
We quickly learned by going through town that my mom knew who had lived, does live, or will be living at like every single house. It was nice to be back in her old stomping grounds. 

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