pomp, circumstance, & family fun

You guys. I had alot of fun this weekend with these people. Who people? Why, these people:
Since my family is pretty big, we rarely do things as a complete group. Thus, we usually do things in "combinations", as I refer to them, or "combinations plus" when we have some other non-fam people involved. This weekend was one of our better combinations on record. Good work everyone.
It was a monumental weekend, THIS GUY (my older brother, Coren) graduated from Nursing school!
He's been working his butt off for the past two years, and we are so proud of him! So we took off to LA to show him we care.
Per usual, getting there is half the fun:
Once in LA, we went hiking at Griffith Park, as is tradition.
Being in Griffith Park only makes me want to do one thing: sing "Party In The U.S.A." Just the part that goes "look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign" because I'm just a sucker for perfect moments like that, especially in song.
We even walked right past the water tower Amir made me climb up last year!
I tried to excited spin the tale and Sundar just said "Cool story Priya." He's difficult to impress.
One of my favorite moments of the weekend was Saturday night, when we sat around watching the Lakers/Thunder game eating chicken curry. Did you SEE Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook?! What a great game.
Then Sunday was the graduation! Joined by Galina and Coren's roommate Christopher (planned an event and met Zooey. Enjoys 90's pop. You need no other facts. He rocks.) we headed to Irvine for the festivities which included a whimsical rendition of "Hero", "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", a questionably articulate valedictorian, a slideshow absent of Coren, air-horns, a concession stand (yes, please buy me nachos at my graduation) and plenty of pictures!

And of course a little Mexican graduation lunch.
We got back late last night, but luckily I've had all day to recover. Except not, especially because today THIS GUY turns...well, I don't think he wants me to say. But happy birthday Sundar!
I'm blessed to have a family that I am extremely proud of and love spending time with. 


Tea Journal said...

What a sweet family weekend! That hike looks so perfect. Congrats to your brother! And yeah, saw the OKC/Lakers game...too good, and they were even more amazing last night! Crazy.

Priya said...

Thanks Steph!! I'm not a Lakers fan, if anything I'd be a Warriors fan (...you know how that goes) but I root more for the out of state teams. Love me some NBA! (P.S. I tend to make "assumptive nicknames" like I assume people do call you Steph, I'm not trying to be creepy or pretend like I know you too well, honestly I'm just really into abbrevs esp. while I'm typing.)

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