Southern summer vs. Best Coast summer

Well I'm excited for both!

Thing's I'll miss from California:
- beach bonfire's
- beach, in general
- country concert's at Shoreline
- working at camp
- my family
- beautiful weather
- more Bike Parties
- BBQ's in our backyard
- disc-golfing with my brother
- everything crazy with my girlfriends
- watching The Bachelorette in a big group
- camping in King's Canyon

Looking forward to in Tennessee:
- drinking sweet tea
- warm summer nights (and every other part of the day!)
- laying out by the pool
- seeing fireflies
- being a working lady
- a short-distance relationship
- going to a lake
- being with those girlfriends
- celebrating the 4th 
- country concerts IN NASHVILLE

Update on "shopping my closet": this has turned into "shopping my little brother's closet" and my goodness, where did this magical t-shirt come from?! Can I keep it forever?
Did I mention I'm looking forward to having my clothes again? Suitcases stress me out. As much as I love wearing unicorn shirts. 

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