21 in 21!

   Hello everyone! Today I've decided to participate in a little linky activity created by Erin at Living In Yellow: namely, 21things I would like to do in the 21st year of my life. I love listing ANYthing, and especially checking things off my list, so I'll probably enjoy this just as much as you do. Without further ado, I present my list:

1. Graduate from college.
2. Remember all my close friends/family's birthdays.
3. Not quit this blog.
4. Stay active by: running, Zumba, raquetball, biking, walking, Aerobics, etc.
5. Stay healthy by: actually thinking about what I eat, getting my veggies/fruits, not binging on dessert.
6. Take a homeless person out to lunch.
7. Visit a new state.
8. DIY something that actually looks good.
9. Take a weekend trip somewhere new with Hunter.
10. Bake some amazing cupcakes.
11. Read a book a month (including some that have been on my list for a loooong time).
12. Focus on being happy as myself & in the present.
13. Be a hostess and a waitress.*
14. Clean out my closet! And actually get rid of things I don't need!
15. Be a diligent pen pal to several of my friends back home.
16. Spend a day not making any plans and enjoy what happens.
17. GET A CAR.
18. Ride my bike more often (I realize the irony).
19. Decorate my first house and make it AWESOME.
20. Learn to make Indian food from my mom.
21. Go on a road trip.

   A little something to remember myself by. Yes, that is a No Parking sign, yes, I do live in a garage. 

   OH and to explain the asterisk above: since I last wrote, I got a new job!! I went looking Monday afternoon in my new neighborhood for a hostess/waitress position (something I have always wanted to do!). Amazingly I walked into one restaurant with my resume, and left with a hostess job! I'm starting this Friday night and I am actually really excited for it! 
   I would love to hear some things on your list for this year! Those of you bloggers, be sure and link up your list as well!



chloe said...

Ahhh that's a great list! I love the irony of the car & bike haha. It seems like when I make lists, things get done much more often than when I just think lofty things in my head. Motivation can be difficult, especially with things like healthy eating and exercise. I've never successfully kept up with stuff like that, unfortunately ):

Priya said...

Ohh Chloe, I'm with you! I tried to keep my goals pretty general like TRY to eat healthier and TRY to excercise consistently. We'll see where that gets me. I loved making the list anyway! Thanks for reading!

Elana said...

I wish I was as motivated as you haha. This is such a fun idea and you have awesome goals. You're graduating college at 21? Jealous. And congrats on the new job! I worked as a hostess for four years and it is HARD work, but lots of fun. By the way, did you get my comment about the care packages??

Priya said...

Yes, emailing you now. Thanks Elana! I'm really excited to try something new (I mean that about the goals & job)!

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