Avenger Week!

   I've been bossy my whole life. When I was younger and went to a friend's house to play, I would consistently be the mom/waitress/teacher and let my poor friend be the daughter/customer/student. This is, of course, after deciding that we were going to play house/restaurant/school.
   Things aren't that much different now. I would consider myself to be both passionate and assertive, which can come across as emotional and rude. I like to make plans and I like things to be a certain way.    
This to say, I spend most of my time with Hunter planning all the things we do, partially because he enjoys when I make plans and partially because I am really bossy.
   Last week after he got back from vacation he suggested we have "Avenger Week" by watching one of the Avenger movies every night (Captain America, Thor, Ironman) culminating in a date night where we go see the movie The Avengers. I adore anything with a theme and I was also happy that Hunter took charge to tell me something he really wanted to do.

   So this intro really has nothing to do with the rest of this post. I present, with flourish, my thoughts on The Avenger movies:

Captain America
captain america
   Probably my new favorite superhero movie. This one slipped through the cracks for me when it originally came out (as so many movies do) but I was pleasantly delighted to find a superhero movie set in history. And not just history, but in the 40's! What self-respecting glamour-loving girl does not love the 40's?!
40's Fashion.
   Good work ladies, so glam! I realize historical fiction is my favorite genre because I just find it so interesting. This makes me a huge nerd, I understand. 
   Anyway, besides the 40's glam, Captain America has got to be the best underdog-becomes-hero story ever. Better than Spiderman with Tobey because he got really angsty towards the end and pretty annoying (yet to see the new Spiderman. Worth it?). Captain America himself is incredibly kind, gentlemanly, and humble. Who doesn't love a superhero like that?!
Captain America cake
    Side note: all Captain America related products are just really fun not to mention, patriotic! Someone PLEASE tell me how to make this cake! I am dreaming of a Halloween wear I make Hunter a Captain America costume and get to be the glam & fabulous Army lady.

   Not a huge fan of epic movies, it just feels like too much and then I get bored like "They're fighting for dominance again?" Thor was cute (no really) because it combined elements of Hercules, The Prince of Egypt, and of course, Black Swan. Incidences where Thor gets confused because he is now a mortal on earth (i.e. smashing a dish in a diner when he is done eating) were genuinely funny. It was also refreshing and enjoyable to see Natalie Portman in a supporting role, she was fantastic as ever. How can she be so dang pretty AND play a nerdy scientist? Not fair. Also, extremely disappointing (spoiler alert) SHE IS NOT IN THE AVENGERS! Poor casting decision.

   The most entertaining. Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman is incredibly witty and fun to watch. I can't make up my mind about Gwyneth Paltrow. She plays an adorable Pepper Potts with strawberry blonde hair, but I think Chris Martin can do better. Chris Martin is a whole new level of human though, so I believe he deserves a goddess or something. Ironman also has some of the coolest technology ever. You can find Tony Stark face-timing on his phone (this is in 2008 waaaay before that actually came out). If you only watch one, I would make it this one as it is universally pleasing to all.
   Also, you can't argue with this logic. 

The Hulk
The Incredible Hulk
   Well we didn't actually watch this one because a) we couldn't find it in Redbox and b) Hunter said it wasn't very good anyway. But I made him summarize the movie for me in a "Hulk voice".

The Avengers
The Avengers  - the-avengers photo
   When I was younger I loved watching the Batman/Superman Show, that was a 15-minute Batman cartoon and a 15-minute Superman cartoon all in one show! My absolute favorite episodes were the ones where Batman & Superman transcended their barriers of segmented episodes and worked together. Because then it's like, who in the whole entire world could beat them as a team, plus they both acknowledge that the other exists and they're the coolest best friends ever!
   The Avengers was like watching my childhood fancy come to life on the big-screen. I loved watching the characters interact together (and mostly fight a lot) and also the best characters from every movie play a little part. The big battle at the end was a great example of how a team should work together; delegating an activity to every member that highlights their strengths. So yes,  I would recommend it. Also loved how they found the Hulk hiding out in India and helping sick people.

   There you have my thoughts on the Avengers! Would love to hear yours if you've seen them, along with any other movie suggestions because now that this is over, what the heck am I supposed to watch?

   Also hope everyone is having fantastic week! Thank you for reading!!

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