Guest Post: Rachel!

   Things are getting serious around here folks. I have a big fancy blog, with my first official GUEST POST from my friend Rachel! Rachel doesn't even have a blog, so she's not trying to promote anything. She is purely writing because she loves me and I told her she could.
   But first, a little background on our friendship.
   Rachel and I became friends our freshman year of high school, pretty much because our lockers were close together (by last name, Morrison & Pappu). Early on in the year, Rachel made a bracelet in home groups that didn't fit her/I just tried it on and didn't give it back. Well Rachel, it was a great investment because I still wear it, to this day, all the time.
   Since that time, I have recieved two more bracelets from Rachel and our friendship grows ever still; from Algebra 2, to San Luis Obispo, to picnics in the park.
 Rachel & I, then
and now.

Without further ado, I present to you: Rachel's Guest Post!
   "Helllooo Priya’s blog followers! So Priya practically begged me to write a blog post for her, knees to the floor, hands clasped BEGGING me to post a blog. Not even kidding. Well kind of.  So I gave in and here I am.  I’m Rachel, her Californian friend, wardrobe accessorizer, and locker mate.  Priya and I have been friends since the wee ages of 14 and let me tell you was she one wild teenager.
   But anyways, a few days ago I was feeling like using the enormous amount of random scraps of wood from my garage, and I did. And made something with all of them. I like it too, wish usually doesn’t happen with my craft attempts. Here it is!
   So heres what I did! I found all these different types of wood and cut them down to roughly the same size, all about 2 feet long. I found 4 different paint colors, pretty much all shades of brown. Then went to town painting and mixing paints on my garage floor. 45 minutes later, with painted hands, floor, and clothing, I was satisfied with the color of each separate wood piece. I had previously bought a stencil at Michael's, and decided to put it to use and stencil a verse on the different pieces of wood. I used the stencil for the smaller pieces and free hand on larger pieces to mix it up a bit. Then I attempted to glue gun all the pieces together, VERY unsuccessfully. Two burnt fingers later I decided to nail wood across the back  to connect all of the pieces, which was a success. Lastly, just attached some wire across the back and its now safely  hanging above my desk and reminds me that sometimes the things that get left to die in the garage can be used to make a piece of art.
   Seems like that may be true for a lot of things in life.  The verse is one of my favorite’s since I saw it tatooed on a friends foot a few years ago. Kind of puts life in persepctive and reminds me that sometimes the best thing is to not do anything and let the big guy take care of it.
Here’s an old picture I thought I would throw in just for K’s and G’s.  Isn’t she adorable?
Love you Priya and everyone who reads this, because you are obviously smart and know a good blog when you see one.

   I love her, and you for reading my blog! This brings me to say, if you've ever felt a burning desire to write a guest post on my blog, I would love to have you! Here's the criteria: are you reading this right now? If the former applies to you, then you are eligible!
   Samesies for if you are looking for someone to guest post on your blog. It would be my honor. I always have plenty to say, in fact, probably way too much for this blog to handle.
   Feel free to email me any inquiries, compliments, jokes, etc. at: pappupa@mail.lipscomb.edu.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Hope everyone is soaking up every last minute of this weekend!

OH, and because I realize my last two posts had cupcakes in them somewhere, I had to include this:
My new favorite place is The Painted Cupcake (next to my house) and the other day Hunter bought me a half-dozen babycakes. Boy knows the way to my heart.

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