happy little lunches

   Today was probably my favorite day of my internship thus far. Here's what I did:
   I know I've talked a lot about interning and business casual outfits, but I don't think I've written about what I have actually been doing this summer. I'm working at a real estate company that has over 70 apartment communities. I have been amazed to learn about the different tasks in property management, and thrilled to do some pretty interesting things (webinars and mystery shopping? Anyone?). I also love being in this office, I have met so many kind and super knowledgeable people! 
   Yesterday I got to visit a property where the kids are provided with a daily lunch. The lunches are usually pre-made and delivered (by Metro Action), but there had been a mis-hap that day and nothing was ordered, so the kids didn't get lunch. Additionally orders have to be placed by 11 am the previous day, so there were no lunches for the next day (Wednesday, today). I realize this sounds really confusing...but the point is, kids without lunch, heart-breaking for me and Joy (the manager I was with). Joy needed to figure something out, so as soon as we got in the car I begged her to let me take care of it; get the food, pack the lunches, and deliver them today. She agreed and I was so excited for this little project!
    This morning bright and early I headed to the grocery store to get supplies for the best lunches ever; strawberries, baby carrots, juiceboxes, Cheetos, preztels, PB&J supplies, and cookie dough. Then Paula (my Katy Perry movie buddy and stellar receptionist friend) and I assembled the lunches, baking cookies, bagging chips, and making probably the most PB&Js I have ever made in my life. Also decorating bags!
   Then we headed to the property to hand out lunches to the kids, who melted my heart, they were SO adorable and loved what we had made.
 Jordan lovin' those strawberries!
 I had to. I wanted to remember them!
   These sweet little girls, Jemisha and Jemaya are sisters whose favorite colors are "Pink AND purple!"  Jemaya (pink) opened her lunch and said "This is my favorite kind of cookie!!" 

   I love it when unexpected projects turn up. I love working at a company where I can do things like this. I love those kids, and I wanted to give them something special. 

   One other thing I love: bloggers who connect with their readers. It never fails to thrill me, so thanks to those people out there! 



Nataly said...

This is SO CUTE!!!! That's an awesome internship! How fun that you got to pack lunches for all the little kiddos! And I agree, I love bloggers who connect with their readers. It's no fun if they don't.

Priya said...

Well it's not ALL fun and games, haha but I have gotten to do a wide variety of cool things. Thanks for connecting with meee Nataly!

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